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Jewelry Events 2021: Physical, Virtual, or Hybrid?

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What does the future hold for the jewelry and diamond trade shows? A question we asked the first instance we heard about movement restrictions more than a year ago when the pandemic started. Today, let’s take a look at how the jewelry events sector has coped and where did it take them?

Over a year of show cancellations and delays, the jewelry industry has bent but it didn’t break.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Jewelry Events

COVID-19 has impacted the jewelry events sector as early as February 2020. It was that early when shows like the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, among others, started canceling their scheduled events. Then, the jewelry store closures followed and it went on like that for the months that succeeded. The impact was inevitable but the industry was not powerless. As jewelers painfully closed their physical stores temporarily, the digital world that has always been there, had shed a little light on a bleak future.

Soon, everyone scrambled. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital adoption and digital transformation. We’ve seen the first online diamond trade show and all the virtual jewelry events that came after it.

The emergency health crisis has undoubtedly changed the customer needs and mindset in matters of physical and digital events. For instance, Reed Exhibitions found that visitors have become more open to the idea of a mixed in-person and digital event when physical events finally return.

The pandemic and the events industry
Source: Data from Reed Exhibitions’ COVID-19 Customer Needs and Mindset Barometer

Despite the growing acceptance of digital events, the appeal of in-person events has not waned. In fact, polled participants expressed commitment to returning to physical events once all restrictions are lifted. Further, the common sentiment regarding hybrid and digital events is positive. Why not, hybrid events will allow you to expand your reach worldwide and the networking opportunities will be more extensive.

So, how did this development affect the jewelry events of 2021?

A Sign of Hope

With COVID-19 vaccination programs underway, all hopes are up that the jewelry events sector are bouncing back and forward to recovery. However, the new normal of jewelry tradeshows will be different. Thermal scanners, face masks, and sanitation stations will be a common sight.

Additionally, with vaccine rollout ramping up, many fully vaccinated individuals have already expressed a desire to attend an in-person event this year. In fact, six out of ten polled jewelers will attend a jewelry trade show this 2021—all while observing proper physical distancing, wearing face masks, and frequent washing of hands.

This year, join us as we bring you a few of the scheduled physical, virtual, and hybrid jewelry events that you should not miss.

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Virtual, Physical, and Hybrid Jewelry Events to Watch this 2021

1. The Gem Expo – Virtual Expo

The Gem Virtual Expo

When: 2-13 April 2021


Canada’s premier beads, gems, jewelry, and mineral show, The Gem Expo, will go virtual this year.

The show features independent jewelry vendors and makers around the world with its scheduled Live Selling via Facebook. Don’t worry though, because even though it has gone virtual this year, a lot of fun activities await attendees. They will offer jewelry-making classes and live product demonstrations to name a few. If this catches your eye, register online for a chance to get a $2 coupon that you can use at the event.

2. Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong

Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong

When: 24-27 June 2021 (Physical Event)

10 June – 2 July 2021 (Virtual Event)

Where: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong 

The Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong (JGA) combines the appeal of the physical and virtual worlds in its first hybrid jewelry event.

the JGA’s first omnichannel event guarantees extensive trade and partnership opportunities onsite or online anytime and anywhere in the world you are. The physical event promises more meaningful face-to-face engagements by providing visitors the benefit of tactile experiences. On the other hand, the virtual events will offer a wide selection of products, specials, deals, and more wherever you are in the world.

The physical event will run in accordance with the AllSecure Standard with a focus on ten priorities.

  1. Enhanced cleaning
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Non-contact registration
  4. Physical contact
  5. Physical distancing
  6. Food & beverage stations
  7. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  8. First aid
  9. Screening
  10. Trace & contact

Informa Markets will implement strict health protocols before and during the physical show to ensure the safety of everyone. You may find detailed health and safety procedures on their website, so visit it regularly to keep yourself updated if this is one of the jewelry events on your radar.

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3. HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem, & Pearl Show and HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

HKTDC International Jewellery Show

When: 2-6 July 2021

Where: AsiaWorld-Expo

Rescheduled from 1-5 March and 3-7 March respectively, the two HKTDC Shows will now proceed on 2–6 July 2021 at the WorldAsia-Expo in Hong Kong.

Considering the current situation and the possibility that jewelry professionals and buyers might have difficulty joining the shows, the industry representatives and other stakeholders decided to move the twin fairs to a later date in July. Limited information is available for now, but interested participants must tune in for updates regarding detailed arrangements leading to the events.

4. The JCK Show and Luxury by JCK

Jewelry Events JCK Show
Source: JCK Events

When: 27-30 August 2021

Where: The Venetian Resorts & Sands Expo Las Vegas, Nevada

The leading jewelry event in North America, JCK Las Vegas gathers annually to bring together jewelry professionals, wholesalers, manufacturers, and more to conduct business, learn, and create meaningful business relationships. The JCK Show records over 20,000 jewelry retail professionals and buyers each year.

After COVID-19 halted this opportunity last year, the JCK Show is back with an in-person event in what they described as “the most positive and safe way possible.” This reunion is a product of a thoughtful discussion with JCK’s advisory board, customers, partners, and other jewelry professionals.

If you’re in the country and you’re planning to reunite with other industry professionals, save the date and bookmark their website for detailed information in the coming weeks, including possible changes and more.

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5. Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

When: 11-15 September 2021

Where: IMPACT Challenger Building, Muang Thing Thani, Bangkok

After postponing last year’s Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Fair (BGJF), it’s now gearing up for its 67th edition. The BGJF this year is also possibly its first-ever hybrid event.

The BGJF is one of the world’s most renowned and longest celebrated jewelry events in the industry. It’s a biannual event where key industry players connect to source, trade, and network.

If you’re after colored stones, the BGJF is the event for you. Its biannual shows cover a large collection of colored gems, diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, and a whole lot more. If you’re in Southeast Asia, keep track of this event to ensure that you’re always updated no matter the changes that might happen along the way.

Will you be participating in any of this year’s jewelry events?

The jewelry events industry has changed. While some tradeshows have remained postponed for another year, others are gearing up to move forward in the safest possible manner. The key here is in the implementation of health and safety protocols as well as the exhibitors’ and the visitors’ full cooperation.

Technology is available, utilize it and embrace renewed methods for carrying out jewelry events. Be flexible, agile, and open and the digital world will reward you.

Which jewelry events will you be interested in joining this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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