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International Jewellery Fair Sydney 2017

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International Jewellery Fair (IJF) is held annually in the heart of Sydney by organisers Expertise Events. IJF is the most significant jewellery fair for Australasia, attracting 200 exhibitors and over 5,000 visitors from the region and beyond.

IJF was also the very first fair that Picup Media exhibited at, where they officially launched GemLightbox.

The GemLightbox was created in response to the need for a simple photography solution that anyone could use.

Very early into their jewelry image retouching business, Picup Media realised that jewelers were not photographers. Jewelers would photograph their jewelry with massive inconsistencies in color, size and positioning and submit them for retouching. The retouching process would then become complicated and difficult as it took a lot of time and effort to standardise each and every jewelry product image to a high level. Jewelers required a photography solution that was quick, compact and would consistently achieve amazing results.

With these key issues in mind, the Picup Media team sought to create their own solution. The first stage of creating the solution was to research extensively on jewelry photography. Picup Media found that there was very little information available on jewelry photography, however, they understood what exactly needed to be done. What needed to be done was that they needed to create the perfect the lighting conditions and condense it into a single, portable unit.

It seemed like an impossible task with research and development team experimenting with every existing material and piece of lighting technology. However, after one year, the perfect solution was born – GemLightbox.

With the help of a few beta testers in the Sydney jewelry community, the Picup Team felt confident that GemLightbox was ready to launch officially at IJF. Being a newcomer to the show, Picup Media was allocated a booth at the Launchpad. The Launchpad was a new concept at IJF where new jewelry businesses could showcase their products to the attendees. Nervously, the Picup Media team didn’t know what to expect as they had never exhibited nor visited a jewelry fair before. But they were very confident the GemLightbox would deliver the results as promised.

GemLightbox definitely did not disappoint – huge crowds surrounded the tiny 1 by 2 metre stand through the whole duration of the fair. Visitors and fellow exhibitors flocked around to witness the revolutionary GemLightbox in action. Exhibiting at IJF was an amazing experience and a great start Picup Media’s goal of creating a digital jewelry world.

Watch the full highlights video below!

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