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How to Make Greeting Cards Using Photoshop

How to make greeting cards using Photoshop
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Have you ever had a hard time finding the right greeting cards to delight your customers during special occasions? Perhaps, they don’t match your brand, or the tone of the message just doesn’t encapsulate the tone of your brand. If this is the case, it’s time to experiment!

A DIY greeting card doesn’t have to be complex as what we’re going to show you in this brief tutorial video using Photoshop. Here, we used a photo of diamond flower earrings that we photographed using the GemLightbox. We achieved the dreamy background using a patterned paper. You can buy different patterned papers from the craft stores near you or simply download online.

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Watch the video below and let’s begin!

Read on for a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Duplicate the layer. By duplicating the layer, you save a backup copy of your original image.

Creating greeting cards using photoshop

Step 2. Use the pencil tool to mask out the object.

Don’t forget to zoom in when outlining the entire object. This will help you mask out the object properly and accurately. The outlining process can be time-consuming depending on the size and design intricacies of your object.

How to make greeting cards using Photoshop

Step 3. After outlining, go to “Paths” and isolate them to a separate layer, this way, any changes you make to the object will not affect the background.

Using Photoshop to make a greeting card

Step 4. Go to Hue/Saturation tool and adjust the color.

As you’d notice, the pinkish background is reflecting on to the diamond, so we took out most of the reds and magentas using the tool; thereby, giving the diamond a completely beautiful white color.

Adjust hue and saturation

Step 5. Using the Levels tool, adjust the shadows and highlights by moving the Amount slider. You can also manually input the value in the Shadows or Highlights percentage box.

Adjust the shadow and highlights

Step 6. Use the Brightness/Contrast tool to adjust the tonal range of your image.

Moving the brightness slider can increase or decrease the tonal values and highlights of the image while the contrast slider increases or decreases the overall range of tonal values in your image.

Use the brightness/contrast tool to adjust the tonal range of your image

Step 7. Next, go to Filter > Sharpen

Sharpening enhances the edges of your object; thereby, making it more defined. Bear in mind that the degree of sharpening required is dependent on the quality of your camera so, if your image is blurry, sharpening cannot correct that.

In this image, we sharpened just enough to add sparkle to the diamond and bring out those facets. Avoid sharpening too much as it will make the diamond look pixelated.

Sharpen the image

Step 8. Adjust the hue of the background as desired.

For this image, the diamonds would look more captivating against a London blue background. Move the Hue slider until you achieve the desired result. Subsequently, adjust the shadows again using the Levels tool as you deemed necessary.  

Adjust the hue of the background

Step 9. Finally, use the Text tool to type in your greeting card message

use the text tool to type in your greeting card message

Step 10. And you’re all set!

Congratulations, you made it! You can now send your greeting card to your clients via email or post it to your social media account to celebrate the festivities with your audience.

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Here’s how it went out!

How to make greeting cards using Photoshop

Have you tried making greeting cards in Photoshop? Feel free to share more tips below!

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