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Case Study: Low Cost Leader

GemLightbox case study of Low Cost Leader
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Faced with immense uncertainty and the global retail sales crash brought about by the current pandemic, a low-cost luxury company has managed to continuously operate through digital-centric solutions like the GemLightbox at a time when digital transformation is highly critical.


The Low Cost Leader is one of the largest diamond jewelry importers in the Southwest. It stocks a wide array of jewelry collections for any occasion for both men and women.

Unlike the traditional business model you commonly know of, the Low Cost Leader helps retailers start or continue their businesses without the need to own the physical products. All products come from Low Cost Leader’s huge inventory while product photos and videos are provided to retailers to list on their e-commerce stores.

Case Study Low Cost Leader
Low Cost Leader showcases a wide array of jewelry collection for every retailer

This strategy benefits retailers in many ways, including reaching more customers without high capital requirements, reducing sourcing costs, and having access to a huge inventory of diamond jewelry.


Being able to fulfill every retailer’s need in selling jewelry without the physical inventory.

For a long time, the Low Cost Leader relied on the traditional photography process to satisfy the needs of the retailers for jewelry photos and videos. The process was tedious as it requires ample time and lots of trials and errors before finally producing stellar results – ones that were capable of attracting customers and sure sales.

With the traditional photography process being a bottleneck, the Low Cost Leader needed a photography solution that would not only allow them to scale but one that’s also time and cost efficient.


Capture studio-quality jewelry photos and videos in one click using just a smartphone and the GemLightbox.

The Low Cost Leader did plenty of research and tried many alternatives before eventually choosing the GemLightbox. They were seeking a solution that would not only allow them to fulfill every retailer’s need for visual assets and display but also one that would be functional, simple, and convenient to use for their team. The GemLightbox’s click-and-capture design matched their criteria.

Low Cost Leader and GemLightbox case study
Naushad Bana of the Low Cost Luxury trying out the GemLightbox

With the GemLightbox, the Low Cost Leader has been able to capture thousands of studio-quality product videos and images for retailers and distributors to upload onto their social media platforms or e-commerce stores to facilitate sales. Further, the flexibility and functionality of the GemLightbox have enabled them to showcase the jewelry products more clearly.

“The 360-capability of the device has allowed us to showcase the jewelry products from all angles, which truly enhanced the reliability of our product presentation.”

Naushad Bana, Low Cost Leader
Gemlightbox case study
GemLightbox case study Low Cost Leader
GemLightbox case study 1
GemLightbox case study 2
GemLightbox case study 5


Increased productivity and happy retailers

The ability to capture studio-quality jewelry photos and 360 videos on a white background was a game-changer for Low Cost Leader. It has enabled the team to produce as many product images and videos in just one click using their smartphones in a fraction of the time. Needless to say, this shift has increased their productivity; thereby, giving them more time to allocate for other important aspects of their business including building meaningful relationships with their clients.

Further, the Low Cost Leader has found it extremely useful in navigating these strange times. At a time when physical jewelry stores are closing temporarily to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure everyone’s safety, the Low Cost Leader has found a way to leverage technology to avoid being crippled by the virus.

The benefit does not end with Low Cost Leaders. With easily accessible product images and videos, retailers can now focus on establishing a strong social media presence by consistently posting those images and videos directly to their online platforms and to double down on selling and marketing instead of spending more time than needed in perfecting photography.

Interested in creating a business with Low Cost Leader? Visit their website or drop by at their showroom at 7500 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 900  Houston, TX 77036

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