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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Jewelry Manager Software

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Jewelry Manager Software
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E-commerce, this thing currently at the forefront of retail, has kept economies afloat. Hence, it’s not surprising that too many local stores, businesses, and jewelers are closing their physical stores and moving to sell online. Such a forced transformation has accelerated the shift to e-commerce by five (5) years, with the jewelry industry inclining towards the online future. 

With that being said, businesses are now scrambling to boost their online sales. This includes knowing which channels to sell. The e-commerce industry is multichannel. You can sell your jewelry on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay all at the same time, so you get all consumer paths covered; however, multichannel e-commerce is time-consuming and tedious. You will face inventory problems and missing or discrepant sales information, not to mention the difficulty of managing numerous product listings. 

This is where an online jewelry manager software like Valigara comes in. As you can see from one of the Etsy Forum topics below, some e-commerce platforms are more time-consuming than others. The problem of time and task management are just two of the things that an effective jewelry management system could solve for you. 

Etsy forum - jewelry manager software
Etsy Forum

There is a lot of available jewelry management software on the internet — each one differs in the type of service and convenience they offer. Valigara is one of these systems. It is an online jewelry manager system that lets you sell your jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones on all of the most popular e-commerce platforms without the hassle. It’s a one-stop-shop solution that integrates seamlessly into Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and RapNet, among many others — a real-time, money, and effort saver. 

Here are more reasons why you should consider using online jewelry manager software. 

HINT: It can make your multichannel selling more productive and fruitful. 

5 Reasons Why Jewelry Manager Software is Your Number 1 Partner in Growing Your Jewelry Business

1. Listing management

If you’re selling on Etsy, you’d know that listing new products and revising existing ones are a tedious job. Whether you’re listing a new one or revising, you have to manually supply all the information and ensure that you have completed the listing form as accurately as possible to avoid deceiving the buyer unknowingly or confusing them. This sounds easy and fun at first glance, but if you have hundreds of items to list and revise, the fun is gone.

Etsy product listing
Etsy Product Listing

Product listings, especially if you’re multichannel selling, require a high level of automation; otherwise, your business will stall as you get stuck with this task alone, especially if you’re a one-person business. It will eat up your time and, consequently, result in unconscious neglect of other important aspects of your business. It’s costly if you’re paying somebody to do this for you. 

Jewelry management software commonly eliminates this task for you. For instance, the Valigara system enables bulk listing and revision. You can grow your product listings from hundreds to thousands by loading them all at the same time. 

Photo and Video Handling

From bulk listing to bulk images, the system got you covered with all its automation tools for handling jewelry images and videos. For instance, tools for bulk editing, shuffling, automatic resizing, and watermarking are in place, among many others. Further, you can rest your mind as its seamless multi-channel integration ensures independent image sorting to prevent a dreadful mix-up of product videos and images. 

If you’re working doubly hard trying to decipher the algorithm for each channel, Valigara’s jewelry manager software will help you optimize your videos and images for each channel to increase your chances of getting found. 

Etsy sellers, hear this one out! 

You control the most critical factors in Etsy search placement. One of these factors is your listing quality score. Your listing quality score increases every time a buyer clicks, favorites, or buys an item from your store after they’ve seen it in Etsy search results.

To encourage this level of interaction and conversion, your jewelry photos (and videos) must be of high quality to invite potential buyers to interact and engage with your product listing. This makes total sense because no buyer would take a closer look at a product that looks blurry and distracting in photos. The standard practice for e-commerce is to use white background product photos as it looks clean, professional, and non-distracting. Take a look at the example below, captured using the GemLightbox

Opal photographed with the GemLightbox
A burst of color, opal on a white background, photographed using the GemLightbox and an iPhone.

If you have many product images to upload, revise, and resize manually for each channel, sitting in front of your computer for long hours could be a backbreaking task. An online jewelry manager software like Valigara could do it for you fast and easily. Free your hands and time because, with its powerful automation, you’ll get to save time, money, and effort dramatically.

2. Inventory management

Inventory management is hard. If you’re the manager, you’d rather focus on other tasks than take inventory. There are many reasons for this. Stock monitoring is tedious. Training your staff can take time. If you’re doing it manually, data entry is prone to mistakes, and organizing can take forever, especially if you have complementary items and other product variations. 

Jewelry products are known for this. Aside from common field values that you need to supply, you also have to be accurate in terms of color availability, dimensions, locations, price, and many more. It’s almost a nightmare to think of inventory when you have hundreds of thousands of products to track. 

jewelry inventory management

Luckily, inventory management software exists to give you a whole new perspective on managing inventory. While not all inventory management software could be as accurate and precise as you want it to be, some are. Find the right one that works for you as not all inventory management software is built with specific products in mind. Others, however, cater to your product-specific inventory needs to a tee. 

Valigara’s inventory management system has got your jewelry inventory needs sorted. What you’d like most about this is the ability to add bulk images to products, and the availability of product fields to ensure that your products are well-described from fractional numbers like width and height to a large number of text fields that gives you more flexibility in data entry and product monitoring. Of course, the ‘copy data’ function is also there. It lets you copy selected field values from one product to another without having to go through it listing by listing. You can assign the source product and the destination product, and you’re done. 

If you’re selling on Etsy, you’d know that copying data from one product to another is a source of pain, and this is in listing processes only. Imagine the pain if you have to transfer all the same information from Etsy (or whichever e-commerce platform you’re using) to your inventory system. Opening each product listing manually and going back and forth between different product listings is not only dull, but also wastes your time, and in business, time is money. 

An inventory management system, as precise as this, is essential to your jewelry business. It alerts you when you reach a critical product quantity level. You’ll also see which products and designs are fast-moving; thereby, giving you an insight into trends, which could be equated to more sales opportunities.  

3. Order management

Order management is vital as proper order orchestration, and fast order fulfillment can tremendously improve customer experience and elevate your brand’s reputation. Most e-commerce platforms leave order management in your hands; hence, if you’re selling on multichannel, it pays to have one software where you can manage all of them seamlessly. This includes printing shipping labels and packing slips. 

Are you tired of system glitches like being charged $3000 for printing a $9.39 shipping label within your e-commerce channel and then having to chase their customer service for a refund?

Sometimes, glitches are inevitable. The consolation here lies in how fast and good the platform’s customer service is in correcting the system’s errors. Imagine the hassle of having to chase different customer service teams for different e-commerce platforms; it’s stressful, but if you centralized this process and your entire order management process in one online jewelry manager software, you’d know where to go and who to talk to in cases of unforeseen events. You don’t need to speak to different people from different platforms anymore. Nobody got enough time for that. 

4. Synchronization

If you’re selling the same jewelry products on several marketplaces and you’re not using any system that allows you to automate the movement of the number of stocks, you’d know the hassle of having to do it every single time manually. 

Jewelry Manager Software helps you list product photos
Updating product quantity via Etsy

For example, if you’re selling the same item on Amazon and a buyer bought one of that item on Amazon, you’d have to go to the listing of that same product on Etsy, so you can manually enter the quantity update for that product; otherwise, you’d risk overselling, which leads to unwanted refunds and in the process, you’d annoy customers. 

Online jewelry management software like Valigara could take away the worry that comes from the possibility of overselling. They can synchronize your jewelry stocks across multiple marketplaces, and in the process, automatically update the stock quantity across all your marketplaces for every purchase made. It can be done, and you can do it without annoying customers with your out-of-stock listings. 

5. Statistics and reporting

It’s easy to get lost and not know where your business is when selling on multiple channels with different algorithms. 

For example, if you’re selling on Etsy, you’re only given some traffic insights, such as the one below, along with some search terms that people used to find your shop or listings. While this is useful data, this is not enough for you to come up with your store’s overall health meter. 

Etsy traffic insight
Etsy Traffic Insight

Data is one of the many strengths of online jewelry manager software. The level of statistics and reporting that you can get from it is nothing like any of your e-commerce platforms could offer. Valigara, for example, uses a unique algorithm that analyzes your online presence in comparison to industry best practices. This analysis enables you to intelligently identify your strengths and weaknesses and then adjust in a manner that favors your growth. 

eBay and Amazon, like any other e-commerce platforms, have different listing guidelines. You need to list your products according to those guidelines to avoid hurting your product visibility or risking store suspension. It’s a difficult task to consider when you’re selling on multiple channels, but with this jewelry manager software, you can stay on top of things with their little reminders of what you’re missing. For example, if you miss Etsy product titles, relevant keywords, or images, Valigara will point your attention to that so that you can rectify it right away. 

Another thing, if you want to know how you’re performing across all your channels, they also have the statistics for that, but what you’d love most about it is the trends and seasonality insights. Jewelry is about trends. Jewelers who are on top of industry trends will be on top of the sales game.


Multichannel selling is not for everyone. The key is to identify which channels your target customers are looking into and then show up where they are. If they are on Amazon and Etsy, be there. However, be smart and spend your time wisely. Find the right online jewelry manager software for you and automate as much as you can for a more streamlined e-commerce process. Double your exposure to double your sales, but there is no need to double the time spent on each channel. Work and sell wisely!

Are you selling on multi-channels? Let us know which e-commerce channels you are on, and let us in on some of your time management magic. 

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