Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching is an important aspect of photography. It is a process of altering an image for the final presentation. In product photography, many enhancements can be done by photo or video retouching to make the product more attractive to customers. It may sound simple, but photo retouching is not an easy task, and if jewelry products are involved, then it is a complicated process. There are many tools available online, but most of these are mediocre. If you want an excellent result, you should get Adobe Photoshop. But it has many features, and the learning curve is also long. Therefore, it will take you a few months at least to completely master it.

Is photo retouching a good idea?

Photo Retouching: Three Simple Steps to Improve Your Jewelry Photography

There are many key benefits for jewelry businesses because of photo retouching. Better jewelry product photography leads to increased trust among customers. This helps in building the brand image and credibility for the enterprise. This results in the better recollection of customers. Almost 75% of online shoppers decide on a potential purchase based on product photography. Therefore, by photo retouching, you can improve the quality of the photo to attract more sales. In this age of social media, if people like the product photo on your website, they would share it on their social media platforms. This means that you can enjoy not only increased sales but also free marketing. Photo retouching also lets a business update its current portfolio of product photographs. Over time any image might feel outdated. To stay ahead of your competitors, you might think of having another jewelry photoshoot again. But you can use photo retouching or video retouching to make those outdated images look new.

How much does photo retouching cost?

How much does photo retouching cost

Professional jewelry photography studios charge anywhere between $10 to $15 per image. Some services also charge based on the jewelry product. You can also try online services that charge in the same range and are focused only on photo retouching. However, if you are looking for a platform that offers a whole ecosystem of products and services related to jewelry photography, Picup Media can help you.

Picup Media offers a free trial for first-time users. All you have to do is visit Picup Media, upload the photos or videos and tell us about your requirement so you can get your pixel-perfect images in 72 hours. Our team of experts uses clip paths to carefully place a white background to the product. The item is then aligned and cropped so that the product is at the center of the website and its dimensions match your website. This is visually appealing and ensures that the customer’s focus lies only on the product and nothing else. Then using advanced software, we can also remove any dust or scratches present on the product. Finally, metals can be color corrected to match rose, yellow or white gold. Diamonds and gemstones, if any, are then sharpened and cleaned for maximum scintillation and beautiful facets. There is no limit on the minimum number of pictures. Even if you have 2 or 3 images, you can still avail of our photo retouching service, but if you have more than 50 images, you can take advantage of our discounts. If you don’t like the result, we offer free revisions till you are completely satisfied with the output.

We also offer other services such as hallmarking. We hallmark your business logo onto the product, which makes your photo unique and saves it from getting plagiarized elsewhere. We can also provide you with TIFF downloads that can later be used for designing purposes.

Photo retouching or video retouching and the other mentioned services are all the post-photography services that we offer. For photography purposes, Picup Media’s jewelry light box allows anyone to shoot studio-quality photos and videos. It has lights and reflector panels packed in it. You also get many additional accessories such as a photography stand, jewelry stand, smartphone stand, etc. The jewelry stand is capable of holding any jewelry product fixed in place. Therefore, you can use this lightbox for earring photography, ring photography, wedding ring photography, necklace photography, etc. All you have to do is connect the lightbox to a power source, place the product on the stand or photography table, and place it in the center of the lightbox. The lightbox also comes with a daylight feature that can simulate natural lighting conditions and a Sparkle feature best used to give a sparkling effect to gemstones. The best thing about our lightbox is that you need not know about photography or need a DSLR. With our 360 product photography app, you can shoot amazing photos with your smartphone. If you couple the lightbox with our product turntable, you will also be able to shoot some best in class 360 product photography. This can also help you improve sales and customer retention.

Picup Media has over 8000 customers globally and has staff across Sydney, India, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to shoot studio-quality images and videos. That’s why we offer creative and innovative solutions to help online jewelry businesses have a smooth jewelry product photography experience. So, think no more. Join our growing customer base, and with our lightbox and photo retouching service, get amazing pictures that can be used to develop your business.