Necklace Photography

Necklace photography comes with its own set of challenges. Their smooth & shiny surfaces can cause some annoying reflections. But there are a few techniques that can make this process a lot easier. Among all the jewelry products, necklaces are the most bought products. With the global jewelry industry expected to reach almost 400 billion USD by 2025, it is logical to expect an increase in demand for necklaces. This will lead to more suppliers in the market, so the marketplace will get pretty competitive. If you want to get noticed, you need to have something better than the others.

While choosing to improve anything, it is always best to look at what process will maximize improvement with just a little increase in resources. For jewelry products like necklaces, that process would definitely be necklace photography. If you can have better product pictures or videos on your website or marketing campaigns, it is possible to see a good increase in revenue.

How do you photograph a necklace?

necklace photography
Necklace photographed with GemLightbox and an iPhone

The best method for necklace photography depends on the type of necklace. First, for necklaces with a longer chain or a pendant, you should suspend it somehow. The purpose is to create an open and airy feel to the necklace photograph. Also, leave a good amount of space between the jewelry and the background. Place some lights to the side and the back so that images appear more appealing and cleaner.

When dealing with necklaces with short chains, they may be slightly heavier in nature, and light does not properly shine through them. So, it is best to use a form instead of suspending it. The necklace form will give a nice contour to the jewelry product. In such cases, the more angles you shoot from, the better.

You can also choose a bird’s eye view for your necklace photography. For this, instead of suspending it or using a form, you would need a Plexiglas plate. Place the necklace on the Plexiglas. Take your time and make sure to arrange it fashionably on the plate. Once done, you can start taking photographs with your camera. Choose an optimal position for the camera that gives minimal reflections.

You can also look at some jewelry lighting setups which work best for necklace photography. One of the best and easiest method is to shine a light bulb through a white acrylic sheet. The acrylic diffuses the light and results in a soft, gradient light that visually appeals. If you want to add a sparkling effect to the necklace's gemstones, you can try using multiple light sources. You can also use a picolite light to bring out the color of the gemstone. One more thing to note is if your necklace has diamonds on it, it can cause many reflections. To avoid this, you can get yourself a light tent or place reflector cards around the necklace in the shape of a box.

Finally, you have to choose a background, which is an essential part of necklace photography. Ideally, you would want to choose a background that can enhance the product but, at the same time, not overpower it. A background also ensures that customers focus only on the jewelry product and not on anything else. To achieve this, you can use a plain white or a light gray background.

How much should necklace photography cost?

How much should necklace photography cost

You can try to buy all the equipment that we have discussed till now online. Many people find it inconvenient and hire professional photographers or go to studios and spend hundreds of dollars per picture. But if you don’t want to waste your money on studios and professionals and don’t have the patience to buy equipment and set it up, Picup Media has a convenient and ready-made solution.

The jewelry lightbox from Picup Media can help you take your necklace photography to the next level. It comes with a product stand that you can use to suspend the necklace or use it as a form. It also has a photography table on which you can place the jewelry and take top angle shots.

It has all the lighting options such as daylight features and sparkling features necessary to make the necklace look sharp and beautiful in the photograph. You can also couple it with a 360 product photography turntable. Using this, you will be able to capture stunning 360 product photography. If you do not have a fancy DSLR or lens, you can download our 360 product photography app. This app enables your phone to not only shoot studio-quality photos and videos but also remotely operate the turntable through Bluetooth.

Picup Media also has a photo retouching service using which you can get pixel-perfect images. We do this by removing any scratches or dust that might appear on the product in the photograph. We can also change the background to any color that will enhance the beauty of the necklace. This process of jewelry retouching would take us a maximum of 4 days. If you feel like further improvements can be made, we offer free revisions till you are completely satisfied with the Output.

Picup Media offers its products & services to over 8000 customers worldwide. Shop from us now & let us help you improve your necklace photography experience.