Jewelry Photography Light box

Jewelry photographers use a jewelry photography lightbox to obtain studio-quality images and videos of their jewelry products. Jewelry photography is usually considered to be hectic and tiring without specialized equipment that is generally used in a studio. But with the help of a jewelry photography lightbox, the process has become so simple that anyone can capture stunning photos and videos of their jewelry products.

Usually, there are huge lamps or bulbs, reflector panels, and light tents in a professional jewelry photography studio. A jewelry photography lightbox takes all this equipment and packs them inside a medium-sized box that is both portable and doesn't occupy too much workspace.

Where to buy a Jewelry Photography lightbox?

where to buy a jewelry photography lightbox

Lightboxes are available on every e-commerce website these days. With these lightboxes, you can capture good quality pictures of every product. The problem is that these are not tailor-made for jewelry products. Jewelry products generally require multiple light sources placed at different angles and positions, which are not available in normal lightboxes. This is why jewelry lightbox photography was introduced.

Jewelry photography lightbox can be bought from a few online stores that focus especially on jewelry photography. Picup Media is one such place that offers amazing products and services for affordable prices to its customers globally. Picup Media offers so many products that complement each other and help you bring out the best jewelry photography without any professional help.

Why do we need a lightbox in jewelry photography?

why do we need a jewelry photography lightbox

Jewelry photography usually happens in a studio that has special equipment made for jewelry photography. If you look at a professional jewelry photographer at work, you can notice that it is not just the camera but so many factors that need to be considered. The jewelry lighting setup includes led lighting or natural lighting and the type of lights used such as rim lights, split light, backlight, loop lights, etc. Each of these lights is used for various purposes depending on the type of shot required or the type of jewelry product, and this is talking just about the lighting setup. Apart from this, one should also know where to place the reflector panels so that not too much light hits the reflective products. This would result in a really poor jewelry image.

To avoid all the complex decision making, most jewelers approach professional jewelry photography studios. This is fine if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to get it done since professional jewelry photographers do not come cheap. On average, it would cost you 1200 USD per day to get 360 images for your jewelry products. And this is not a one-time charge. If you wish to add more jewelry products, you would have to spend a lot of money on studios.

But what if you can get studio-quality photos and videos without even visiting a studio. Just imagine all the thousands of dollars that you get to save. Thanks to the jewelry photography lightbox from Picup Media, this is a possibility. Simply place the jewelry product inside the jewelry photography lightbox and switch it on and forget about adjusting the lighting or reflector etc. Jewelry lightbox photography comes with lights that are pre-installed in the lightbox so that the perfect amount of light hits the jewelry piece at the center; thereby, highlighting the intricate details and enhancing color vibrancy and texture of the product.

With this jewelry photography lightbox from Picup Media, it is also possible to take 360 product photography. Simply buy our 360 product photography turntable and place the product on it and let it spin. Adjust your camera shutter speed by the speed of rotation of the turntable, and in a few minutes, you can have stunning 360 product photography. In case you don’t have a camera and are worried about having to spend money to buy one, then not to worry. With our jewelry photography lightbox, you can simply take studio-quality images and videos through your phone. Download our 360 product photography app and set it up. Once done, you can use it to get amazing photographs like you would get from a DSLR. You can use this jewelry lightbox photography method for any type of jewelry product photography, such as necklace photography, earrings photography or wedding rings photography.

Once you have your picture or videos, you can simply use editing software to improve them further. You can also avail of our photo retouching service to truly attain pixel-perfect photos and videos. We have an expert team to remove any fingerprint marks or scratches from the product. You can also choose to add a shadow effect if you want. Furthermore, we also add a perfect background so that the focus is only on the jewelry product and nothing else. We also offer additional services such as hallmarking.

You can achieve all this without having to put up with huge jewelry photography charges. So, be a part of our rapidly growing customer base and use our products to set up a successful online jewelry business.