Jewelry Light Box

360 Product Photography can get pretty complicated, and that’s the reason the Jewelry Light Box by Picup Media was introduced. It is so simple to set up and easy to use means that now anyone can create amazing 360 Product images and videos. Picup Media provides various kinds of Jewelry Light Boxes that can be used to capture studio-quality images and videos. But the best part is that you don’t need a DSLR to get high-quality pictures anymore. With our jewelry lightbox, you can simply use your smartphone to get the best in class photos and videos.

What are some of the factors to consider when buying a Light Box?

Factors to consider when investing in jewelry light box

One of the most important factors while buying a Jewellery Photo Box or a lightbox is the Light source. For the product to be seen, there has to be a minimum of 3 light sources so that you do not miss even the tiniest of your jewelry details. The next factor is the size of the Jewelry lightbox. Since the product here is jewelry, which is generally small in size, you might not need a large Light Box; instead, a medium one that can be placed on top of a table should be enough. Plus, these medium-sized Light Boxes would also be portable so that you can carry them around easily if you want.

Picup Media understands all the above factors, so its products come with so many customizable designs and options for Jewelry lighting while making sure that it is not too big to affect portability. Picup Media has pushed the boundaries by allowing jewelry photography with the jewelry photo box from just your smartphone. This is a great and unique feature, especially if you are a beginner and don’t know much about the complex settings in your camera.

How to take pictures with a Jewelry Light Box?

The Jewelry Light Box offered by Picup Media comes with a set of accessories to make your jewelry process as easy as possible. First, place the stand inside the jewelry light box and connect the light box to a power source. The lightbox offered by Picup Media comes with power cables that can be plugged anywhere in the world. Then adjust the reflector panel such that the product and its details can be well captured, and there is no reflection on the gems. If you are using a DSLR, make sure you place it on a tripod so that the camera doesn’t shake often and there is no blurriness in the resulting image.

Jewelry Light Box
The GemLightbox by Picup Media

If you don’t have a DSLR or are too confused with camera settings such as aperture, white balance, ISO, etc., our lightbox allows you to use a smartphone to get studio-quality images and videos. Download the 360 product photography app on your mobile and use the smartphone stand provided with the lightbox to place your smartphone. You can adjust the position of the stand such that you get a clear picture of your product. One of the advantages of this lightbox is that you can take photos and videos in both the front view and top view.

Picup Media also provides a 360 product photography turntable that can be placed inside the Light Box. If used properly, you can get a stunning 360 product photo or a 360 product video of your product that provides greater details and familiarity.

The Jewelry Light Box also has many features that can highlight the sparkles of the gems or simulate a natural daylight condition, which can bring out the best photographs from emeralds and sapphires. Once you are done capturing stunning images and videos with the help of the jewelry photo box, you can also make use of our Photo Retouching service for additional purposes such as scratch removal or shadow effects, etc.

Why should you invest in a Light Box?

why invest in jewelry light box

If you are a Jeweler and looking to start an online business, then a Jewelry lightbox is a must to have. Jewelry photography generally requires proper lighting to bring out the fine details and textures that make the product look sophisticated. However, this can get tricky because lighting has to be optimal. It cannot be too low or too high; otherwise, you would lose the texture or vibrancy of your product's color. That is why you would need a lightbox from Picup Media so that when your product is placed inside, it gets the optimal lighting resulting in high quality 360 images and videos.

A jewelry light box also makes it easy for 360 product photography. This provides your customers with a detailed look at your products that makes them look enchanting. This will lead to increased sales conversion and improved customer satisfaction.

If you run a jewelry business and are looking to enter the online business but don’t have a lightbox, then you would have to spend thousands of dollars per day to get studio-quality photos and videos; instead, you can choose from our very affordable options and own your very own lightbox and save your money.

Picup Media provides its customers with a whole eco-system of products and jewelry retouching services for 360 product photography. We offer creative and innovative solutions to around 5000 customers globally. So, wait no more, shop with us now, and get your license to the digital platform.