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Picup Media and Kenect Announce Strategic Partnership

Picup Media X Kenect Partnership
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Picup Media is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Kenect, a technology platform designed to help businesses grow by attracting, converting, and strengthening your customer connection online. With sets of common goals, Picup Media and Kenect will strive to work towards innovative business solutions and offerings to boost your online presence, increase your online reputation, and streamline your online communication.

Get Kenected!

As a technology tool, Kenect accomplishes its promise through its state-of-the-art texting platform that connects to your existing business line and helps you stay engaged with your prospects and customers; thereby, generating increased leads and online reviews monthly.

Picup Media and Kenect partnership

What to look forward to in this partnership?

Picup Media is a jewelry technology solutions company that creates photos and videos that sell. The creator of the world’s first smartphone jewelry photography lightbox— the GemLightbox, this partnership provides jewelers a guarantee of studio-quality jewelry photos and videos using just your smartphones while Kenect facilitates the selling process. Picup Media and Kenect’s collaboration gives jewelers plenty to celebrate

  • Did you know that texts have a higher response rate at 45% compared to email’s 6%? With Picup Media x Kenect, Jewelers can streamline the online communication process through Kenect’s texting platform and get more responses than your emails. Remember, your customers prefer texts!
  • Learn, understand, and execute strategies in generating reviews using texts, and in the process, boost your leads and generate higher revenues.
  • Stay engaged with your prospects and customers through texts and easily respond to their questions—FAQs, directions, hours, etc.
  • Did your customer want to see more stunning jewelry photos and 360 videos before closing the sale? The platform allows you to schedule appointments with your prospects, set automated reminders, send status updates, and build follow-up campaigns to increase conversion and enhance customer experience.
  • Other innovative solutions and appealing offerings

Attend the webinar to learn more!

The Picup Media and Kenect partnership aims to support jewelers through practical solutions that yield smashing results. Get to know the essential details when you attend the Picup Media X Kenect Webinar: How to Increase Revenue at Your Store Through Texting this 5 May 2022 and see a demo (or book one here) of both products and services live. Transform your business today. Hurry and click here to register your attendance NOW!

Picup Media X Kenect partnership webinar

See you there!

Picup Media Family

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