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Photo retouching is a crucial aspect of your business, especially that today’s consumers depend highly on powerful visual content. If you’ve ever read a magazine, flicked through a catalogue or browsed an online store before, chances are that the images you’ve been admiring have been retouched at one time or another.
Jewelry in particular can be tricky. Simple things like the orientation of the piece, the polish of the metal or the shine of the jewel can be the deciding factor between your customer clicking ‘X’ or adding your creation to their cart.

Here are three quick steps in jewelry photo retouching that’ll transform you’re images from drab to fab.

Jewelry photo retouching process for a ring

1. Pathing the Piece

To start the road to success, first you must choose the correct path.
Path the item by straightening and aligning it so that your piece is centred and balanced. Make the image as symmetrical as possible by liquefying/editing any portions that stick out so that they line up with their counterpart.

Good jewelry photography starts with correct alignment

2. Photo retouching can also help you eliminate busy and distracting backgrounds

Next is to remove the background of the image. This will make your products look clean and consistent.
Tidy up by removing hairs, fibres, dust and scratches as well as glue or wax if there is any.

photo retouching process of color correction

3. Correcting the metal and diamond colours

The final step is to correct the metals and diamond colours at the very end after all the dust and hairs have been removed.
Its easier to do the colouring at the very end as all layers have already been created and the image can be compared with the rest of your jewelry collection to colour match the metal profiles.

New Call-to-action

Capturing the correct lighting for jewelry is very difficult, which is why photo retouching is so important.
Polish the metals so that they shine in the correct places and remove or correct discolouration. Blend or remove reflections and shadows if necessary and polish gems so that all dark spots are removed.

If you follow these three simple steps, the changes to your jewelry image will be immediate. Little things like these are very important and will bring a lot more visitors to your site or store.

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