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Jewelry Photo Retouching: How to Retouch the Back Shanks of the Rings

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We often get questions about our jewelry photo retouching processes; hence, in today’s post, we will explore the different ways in which we help our customers perform retouching for the back shank of a ring.

Lately, our clients have been asking us about the best way to retouch the back of the ring so we thought it would be good to write a short blog post demonstrating the four most popular methods we use when retouching the back shanks.

The picture below shows four of our most popular ways to retouch the back shanks of rings for jewelry retouching – method two is our standard method and the most popular of them all.

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry Photo Retouching: How to Retouch the Back Shanks of the Rings

Back Shank Version 1

This jewelry retouching method on the back shank mimics a simple lighting setup of 2 strobe lights coming from the left and the right side of a lightbox. This method is very common in jewelry photography, especially with small business owners.

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Back Shank Version 2

Method 2 has the same lighting setup as Method 1, but there is more depth added to it. For instance, there is a small line added on the left-hand side of the back shank to show the sharpness and reflections of the metal.

Back Shank Version 3

This third jewelry image retouching method resembles the lighting setup on 2 strobes coming from the front of the lightbox. This approach is uncommon in jewelry photography as the item may be illuminated too much causing a loss in quality.

Back Shank Version 4

A black line has been artificially drawn in to focus on the sharpness of the craftsmanship. This type of jewelry retouching will be best for rings that are carved with precision at 45-degree angles.

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