360 Product Video

360 Product Video has brought in a revolution in the e-commerce platform. Data obtained by a digital strategist from the last 10 years show that businesses that have adopted 360 product videos have reported a 5% to 40% increase in sales. 360 product videos also improve the ease of shopping for the consumer, thereby increasing customer retention. They are also known to effectively bring down call center costs because of the improved product familiarity with using a 360 product video.

A big red synthetic ruby ring captured using the GemLightbox, iPhone, and GemLightbox turntable.
Synthetic ruby ring captured with the GemLightbox turntable set and a smartphone

There is a general misconception that 360 product videos are tough to make or expensive. That might be because it is true or maybe not. But if you are a jeweler looking to expand your business in the digital platform, then you are in luck because Picup Media offers you a wide range of products and services to make your dream come true.

How to Shoot 360 Product Videos?

A 360 Product Video is generally shot in a studio setting. The product would be placed on a turntable that rotates at a particular speed, ad the camera would be recording at a fixed angle and position. 360 product videos can be hard to shoot because there are plenty of factors to consider, like lighting, background, camera lens, etc. It is generally not easy to get a 360 product video with high production quality. But with Picup Media’s help, that is no longer true.

360 product video
The GemLightbox turntable set

Using Picup Media’s Lightbox, you do not have to worry about lighting or background choice anymore. You can place the product inside the lightbox, and with optimal lighting and background, you get to see the product in all its glory. You can also get yourself a 360 product photography turntable to place the product on to get a perfect 360 product video with minimal to no effort.

If you are a beginner and have no idea about what settings to use for your camera, you have nothing to worry about. Simply download the 360 product photography app on your smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS. Once downloaded, you can set the preferred settings and shoot a studio-quality 360 product video with your smartphone itself.

One way to improve the video quality is to use a tripod so that your camera doesn’t shake too much and the resulting video footage doesn’t appear too blurry. Also, make sure to use a white or black background so that the focus stays more on the product. You can also use editing software if you want to add background music to the video.

Once you have captured your perfect video, you can further enhance it using our photo retouching service. If it is your first time using this service, you can avail yourself of our free trial option. In this service, we carefully remove any fingerprints, dust, or scratches that might be present on the product and add shadow effects to make it more realistic. Once done, we crop the output so that the focus stays only on the product. We usually complete this process and have it delivered to you within 3 days. If you are not satisfied with the result of our retouching service, then we will revise it for you till you are satisfied with no additional cost.

If you want to use a cloud-based storage system, then Picup Media has got you covered. Using our cloud library, your 360 product photography automatically gets synced to our servers, thereby making it easier for you to share, integrate, and sell. Our products and services can be used for any jewelry photography, such as wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Why Should You Invest in 360 Product Videos?

Importance of a 360 product video

Customer trust is a significant factor for any business. This factor can take a hit for an online business because customers don’t get to see the product and experience it as they get to do in a brick or mortar store. This, in turn, can result in a drop in sales. 360 product video helps businesses negate such problems, and thanks to Picup Media, 360 product photography is now easier than ever.

Apart from customer trust, the longer the customer stays on your page, the better their chances of making a purchase. With 360 product videos, you can allow customers to interact with your product virtually, thereby increasing the duration they stay on the page and increasing your chances of converting that customer.

360 product videos have also resulted in increased customer satisfaction. This is because the customer receives a product as close to the one displayed on the product video. This cannot be achieved while using still images because the customer might overlook the full details of the product, and he might be expecting a different one from what is delivered. This is extremely relevant in the jewelry business because even the tiniest details, such as the gems or material used, matter a lot.

Finally, due to the above-mentioned factors, a 360 product video generally results in a 50% increase in sales conversions and almost 15% to 40% decrease in product returns. So, shop now from Picup Media and lets us help you grow your business.