GemLightbox Aerial

Price: US $399

Perfect dangling videos every single time​.

Specially made for GemLightbox, the GemLightbox Aerial is an add-on plug-and-play solution designed for capturing dangling jewelry objects videos in style. Gone are the days of photographing them lying down at an angle or hanging them on teacups or bowls that certainly don’t look professional. Our solution is simple — beautifully captured cascading earrings and necklaces 360 videos with just one click. 

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Shipping will be 10-20 working days depending on country.

Pixel perfect videos for all your jewelry pieces

No retouching | Purple Jade
Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox Aerial
No retouching | Sapphire diamond necklace
Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox Aerial
No retouching | Colorful cubic zirconia pendant
Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox Aerial
No retouching | Panthère de Cartier necklace
Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox Aerial

See how to use your Aerial turntable

GemLightbox Aerial
1:23 min

Our success stories

andrea nyc review

Paul Seiden Inc.

New York City
Andrea from Paul Seiden Inc. in the heart of New York City's Diamond District gives us her thoughts on how the studio quality 360 videos captured inside the GemLightbox has drastically increased customer engagement and sales for their store!
Delicate Gem Harry

Delicate Gem

New York City
With its simple and convenient design, coupled with providing the perfect lighting environment for their GIA certified diamond and gemstone fine jewelry pieces, the GemLightbox was a no-brainer pick up for Harry from Delicate Gem.
quentin clarity enhancement lab

Clarity Enhancement Lab

New York City
For Quentin of Clarity Enhancement Lab, providing color-accurate before and after shots of customers' gemstones is of utmost importance. As such, the studio quality images and 360 videos have been greatly appreciated by Quentin and his customers.

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Does the turntable work with any other lightbox?

No, the GemLightbox turntable is specially made for the GemLightbox. It will not work with any other lightbox.

Is the app free?

Absolutely, the app is free to download off Apple Store, Google Play and Hwawei. Simply download the app to connect to the turntable.

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