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Jewelry Product Photography: 7 Essential Product Photo Types to Use on Your Website

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Jewelry product photography is essential in securing sales. Come to think of it; when your target shoppers go to a physical store, they can touch the product, try it on to see whether it looks good on them, and make a buying decision immediately. These elements are eliminated when shopping online; hence the challenges are more pronounced and sometimes, require retailers like yourself, to go the extra mile just to simulate an in-store buying experience.

The lack of ability to feel, touch, and try on jewelry products when digital shopping can stagnate your sales for so many reasons. Your target shoppers want to be sure the items will fit them perfectly. They want to know that it’ll look good on them when they wear it and that the color of the stones is the same online and in real life. As we’ve shown in one of the examples here, a difference in color quality can disappoint a customer, which can lead to negative reviews or worse, a return of purchases. Further, online shoppers constantly seek items that don’t only fit their liking; they must also make them feel something. They’re hungry for stories that’ll make them excited about your jewelry. It’s these stories that create emotions leading to desires and eventually, purchases.

“…perhaps people are looking for something enduring that is beautifully conceived and created, be it a watch or a jewel. An object that gives pleasure, reassurance, or confidence each time it is worn. Something that speaks to you year after year, generation after generation…treasuring something is an inherent part of our nature.”

Maria Doulton, Editor-in-Chief,

There are many ways to tell your stories to your target shoppers. One of these is through your jewelry photography process. If you use jewelry photos strategically, they can convey moods, emotions, ideas, and narratives. In this post, we’re going to provide you with seven essential types of jewelry product photos to use on your website. These are photos that don’t only convey emotions but also capture your items’ vital information. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store owner, stick with us as this is also crucial for attracting customers to your store. Did you know that 43% of global jewelry shoppers research these items online while 33% research jewelry items in-store?

So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Jewelry Product Photography: 7 Essential Product Photo Types to Use on Your Website

1. Studio shot 

jewelry product photography
Source: Instagram (@gemlightbox), Dubai gold bracelet captured using the GemLightbox

  • Description

A studio shot showcases your jewelry item on a plain white or neutral-colored background. It doesn’t include any clutter or props that may distract your target shoppers.

  • Advantage

A jewelry item shot against a plain background immediately communicates to the viewers what you’re selling. It should be clear and of high quality to entice your target shoppers to visit your page and examine your items further. A studio shot is an essential element of your visual presentation. When done right, it can prevent returns and exchanges, and negative reviews. Most importantly, a studio shot can fend off doubts as it’s free from any props that may hide the flaws of the item.

Watch how we easily photographed the Dubai gold bracelet below. It was taken using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. A studio shot was captured in just seconds.

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2. Scale shot 

a scale shot of your jewelry
Source: Jewellery By Design (@jbdtownsville), captured using the GemLightbox

  • Description

A scale shot shows to your target shoppers how big or small the item is. An excellent way to show scale is by capturing photos of your jewelry when worn, as shown in the image above.

  • Advantage 

Have you ever received messages from shoppers asking for a photo of your item when worn? If so, this is because shoppers want to know what your jewelry looks like on a real finger (if it’s a ring). This helps them visualize not only how the jewelry would look on them, but it would also make them understand the real-life dimension of the piece.

Another way to showcase scale is by capturing a video of your item, as shown below. Here, the video not only shows how small or big the diamonds are, but it also attracts the customers by showing how sparkly the ring is in real life.

Jewellery by Design (@jbdtownsville), captured using the GemLightbox

3. Detail shot

a detail shot of your jewelry
Source: GemLightbox (@gemlightbox), jewelry captured at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Fair 2017

  • Description

A detail shot can either be closeup shots or shots showing different angles of your jewelry piece.

  • Advantage 

Since online shoppers cannot touch your item, detail shots are an excellent way to show texture and quality while highlighting the essential features of your piece. For instance, in the image above, the side view angle of the item tells the shoppers that the piece has tiny diamonds on the side. This feature is not fully visible if you’ll only show a full-frontal angle (left image).

Detail shots are also crucial when you’re selling vintage pieces of jewelry. It’ll help you manage shoppers’ expectations by showing them that your piece, as vintage as it is, has imperfections.

Offering a 360-degree view of your item, as shown below, is another great way to show details.

GemLightbox has a spin capability that lets you take 360-degree videos in seconds.

See more photos @gemlightbox

4. Group shot

a stack of rings photographed using the GemLightbox
Stack of rings captured inside the GemLightbox

  • Description 

A group shot shows your products photographed together in one photo

  • Advantage 

Group shots are beneficial if you’re selling a jewelry item with numerous variants. For instance, if you’re selling a collection of gemstone rings, as pictured above, you can use group shots to tell your shoppers that such particular piece is available in blue topaz, green amethyst, pink rhodolite, green onyx, and more – whatever variations you may have.

It’s important to note that there are passive shoppers who, even if interested, will not go out of their way to ask you questions, especially since there are other online retailers who can provide them with what they want. It’s a great step to make them aware immediately through your photos that you have what they’re looking for.

In another example below, Elverd Designs used a group shot to show multiple variations and bring attention to the item’s sides and angles.

a group shot of your jewelry pieces
Source: Elverd Designs (@elverddesigns), captured using the GemLightbox

5. Aspirational shot

Jewelry product photography

  • Description 

Aspirational shots are lifestyle photos that show your items in real-life events, milestones, and other artistic manners.

  • Advantage 

An aspirational photo is a kind of photography that tells a story by illustrating your item being worn by a person; hence, it can lead to purchases. It is fun, and entertaining, and shows your item in action, which helps shoppers acquire a rich visualization process. When you present aspirational photos to your target shoppers, it encourages them to aspire to a particular image and imagine what their lives would be like if they wore your jewelry.

TIP: You can easily showcase aspirational photos by encouraging your existing customers to submit their photos showing how they styled your jewelry. User-generated content is said to boost the jewelry conversion rate by 2.4x. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

6. Jewelry-making process shot 

jewelry-making process shot
Source: Cerrone Jewellers (@cerronejewellers) A ring awaiting the center stone

  • Description 

This is your behind-the-scenes photos

  • Advantage 

You can take advantage of your jewelry-making process by bringing your shoppers into your creative behind-the-scenes. Process shots are also ideal for social media promotions. It highlights the hard work, effort, and artistry that gets poured into one breathtaking jewelry piece. As we’ve mentioned at the outset, jewelry shoppers are hungry for stories that will make them fall in love with the item before considering purchasing. Process shots are another way to seal the deal as it establishes trust and brand confidence.

7. Packaging shot

Jewelry packaging

  • Description 

An image of your jewelry item’s packaging

  • Advantage 

The packaging is an investment. It builds your identity as a brand and assures your shoppers that they’ll be delighted when they receive your item in the mail. Beautiful jewelry packaging communicates the idea that your item is an excellent gift for someone special.

When you show to your customers that you pay attention even to an element that’s not commonly prioritized, you make it easier for them to open their hearts to you because you care about your overall branding and reputation. Remember, the packaging is an essential part of the first impression they’ll make of your brand. So, do it right the first time, and it’ll help increase the salability of your item.

Which of these jewelry product photography types do you currently use? Do you know other jewelry photography essentials that work compellingly on your website? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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