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We make jewelers equipped for the digital future.

At Picup Media, we create jewelry images and videos that sell. We are the maker of the world's first smartphone jewelry lightbox and the many other firsts that followed. We have worked with over 10,000 jewelers globally since our inception in Sydney in 2014.

Envisioning a digital jewelry world, we have expanded from hardware to software and cloud that feature no less than our AR and AI-powered tools to help you sell online seamlessly, serve and interact with your customers in new ways, and transform your jewelry business in the age of smart retailing.

Be part of our most valued clientele. Get on board and unlock your superpower in the digital experience economy.

Picup Media
Trusted by more than 10,000+ jewelers globally

About Picup Media

With our technology-driven mindset and big picture thinking, Picup Media is your ally in the digital experience economy—helping you navigate the world of smart retailing every step of the way.

Who We Are

A unique promise (1)
A Unique Promise

Picup Media is a unique promise to ambitious professionals in the jewelry industry. Together, we will explore the digital world as we help you compete in innovative ways

Challenge the norm (1)
Challenge the Norm

We want to challenge the norm and do the impossible. With our continuous technology development, our solutions will show you how to transform your business to make it equipped for the digital world.

Digital natives (1)
Digital Natives

We want to help you approach your jewelry photography and digital marketing ambitiously by providing you with access to the power of technology as a new way of doing business.

We know jewelry (1)
We Know Jewelry

Like many of you in the jewelry industry, we grew up in the same world and we know it inside and out; that's why we love nothing more than meeting you face to face at trade shows or virtually.

Picup Media

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Our Core Values

The moral compass that guides our business


Always honor our commitment and do what we say we will do. Integrity is the foundation on which we build trust, honest relationships, and healthy interpersonal connections.


Pride impedes change and limits growth. At Picup Media, we believe in challenging our process while looking at every accomplishment as a foundation for continuous improvement.


The jewelry industry is multifaceted, but it need not be complicated. Picup Media delivers user-friendly, functional solutions that enable jewelers of today and tomorrow to operate a successful business.


We commit to demonstrate compassion and empathy to our customers, the teams we manage, and the world we live in.

Our Solutions


The world's first jewelry lightbox designed to capture professional results with just your smartphone.

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Picup Media
Jewelry Image Retouching

Get your jewelry images retouched to perfection by our team of experts.

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Jewelry Hub

The World's first augmented reality platform made for jewelers.

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