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Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair June 2018

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Picup Media returned to Hong Kong for the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair after a very successful show at JCK Las Vegas. Hosted by UBM, the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair is Asia’s largest mid-year show, with over 2,000 participating exhibitors and 18,500 visitors. Picup Media was no stranger to Hong Kong shows, exhibiting at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (also organised by UBM) in 2017 and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show earlier in March. Both of these shows were considered to be the largest in the Asian region, and Picup Media had already made a strong impact on the jewelry industry.

What was noticeably different at the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem fair was that both jewelers and gemstone dealers were exhibiting at the same venue. At the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair and Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, jewelry exhibitors were located at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, while the gemstone exhibitors were located at the AsiaWorld-Expo. Having both jewelry and gemstone exhibitors and visitors under one roof made the crowd much more diverse and interesting. In fact, Picup Media’s booth was located next to the gemstones pavilion.

Picup Media booth Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair June 2018

Being located next to the gemstones pavilion meant that there were plenty of gemstone dealers and buyers passing by the Picup Media Booth. This presented a huge opportunity for Picup Media as there hadn’t been much exposure with gemstone dealers. GemLightbox had always been an instant winner for jewelers, and now the opportunity to showcase GemLightbox to the gemstones industry.

Once again, GemLightbox was extremely successful with gemstone dealers. The LEDs inside of GemLightbox had been configured specifically to bring out extremely accurate colours during photography. This was great news for gemstone dealers as the biggest issue with gemstone photography was the lack of colour accuracy. Every gemstone performs differently under different lighting conditions, therefore capturing consistent, neutral, results was an issue. The lights inside of GemLightbox would always capture 100% consistent results solving the photography issue.

Although extremely successful with gemstone dealers, Picup Media received invaluable feedback to further improve on GemLightbox. One of these suggestions included having the option to include a warm light for red and green coloured gemstones such as rubies and emeralds. Immediately after the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, Picup Media’s research and development team went to work to create a warm light solution inside of GemLightbox. It took five months of research and development before a solution was perfected. The solution was now known as “Daylight”. “Daylight” was made available to all GemLightbox units in December 2018.

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