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Jewelry Photography: A Bitter Journey

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Common jewelry photography journey: Is this your story?

1. The smell of impending frustration kicks in the moment you start thinking that Digital SLR can alter your poor quality photos. Most jewelry retailers often take a trip to the store and buy a mid-range SLR camera while unknowingly setting themselves up for frustration.

As soon as you get your hands on it, you go back to your work station and continue wasting hours playing around with the new camera only to be stuck with just two to three useful features and functions. Disappointed, you put the camera down for two to three weeks before revisiting it.

If SLR could produce astounding jewelry images, online retailers like yourself would have definitely clicked your way through burgeoning sales, but this is not the case. Revisiting their SLR camera after weeks of disappointment often results in another heartbreak.

2. Feeling hopeless, you decide to take a trip back to the store and ask for assistance. The camera store guy is a savvy salesman who ends up selling you a more expensive lens. Again, you go back to the office and try on the new lens as more colored precious stones await to be photographed.

The outcome triggers another frustration because although the photos are slightly better, achieving consistent results in matters of jewelry photography is a challenge.

The realization of spending more money for an unsatisfactory purchase would have to be ignored at first as high-quality jewelry pictures will provide potential clients with a perfect visual experience. Hence, the journey continues, this time with twice the effort and hours in applying different photography techniques and watching different jewelry photography tutorial. You thought there was no more reason to fail, right? Wrong.

3. Some would think that the more they invest in expensive photography equipment, the more guaranteed the results will be. In reality, this is bad for business. One of the online retailers we have talked to was very honest when she told about her similar experience. After trying the power of mid-range SLR and other techniques, she decided to go the full mile and invest in photography setups, image stacking, camera supplies, and advanced lighting equipment. Indeed, the positive results were noticeable as jewelry images began to appear vibrant and emotive; however, producing such results and repeating it every photo shoot had become a tedious job.

Suddenly, jewelry photography has become a chore with most of their time being consumed by setting up of equipment, detailed cleaning, and shooting the same product multiple times. The process doesn’t even end there. After spending seemingly endless hours finding the right angle to capture the jewelry’s intricate details, she now has to load it back onto the computer and select the best shot she could have possibly taken. Before she knew it, she had already lost an average time of 30 to 45 minutes photographing only one image. It’s productivity gone down the drain.

4. With so many aspects of the business needing attention, spending almost 45 minutes photographing one image is a tremendous waste of hard work. You often end up defeated until you decide to hire professional photographers who can provide you with jewelry images that sell and communicate your brand’s genuine story.

Apparently, with the expense you have to pay, you can only afford to use professional experts for select items that require high-resolution presentation. For all other jewelry items, you are stuck with your smartphone. Considering the amount of money you’ve lost investing in unnecessary photography equipment, this route isn’t clearly the best route for you and other jewelry retailers.

5. Exhausting all sources and efforts, you attend a jewelry fair and various trade events in the industry. The overwhelming tools, equipment, and jewelry pieces resuscitate your dying hope. While at it, you purchased a jewelry lightbox that’s becoming a trend in jewelry photography. Apparently, the standard lightbox claimed to be a portable setup for jewelry, but its design and craftsmanship failed to deliver. Disappointment forms once again; however, not all hopes are lost…

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