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How to Shoot Creative Jewelry Photos and 360 Videos With GemLightbox

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Mother’s Day this year is going to be unlike any other Mother’s Day everyone ever had. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is still ravaging the world, but this doesn’t mean that the celebration has to be canceled. The celebration is still on, but usual Mother’s Day traditions must be postponed in compliance with social distancing regulations.

This new norm meant that this Mother’s Day, the best gift to give moms this year is to call and send gifts but NOT visit.

This year, aside from flowers and DIY gifts, Jewelry remains to be one of the top Mother’s Day presents. If you’re running a Mother’s Day campaign or marketing for other special occasions, we’ve made a brief tutorial on photographing jewelry photos and shooting 360 videos that just match the emotions of celebrations. It’s effortless, and you’re guaranteed to get the job done in seconds.

Read on and find out how you can maximize your GemLightbox!

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How to Shoot Creative Jewelry Photos and 360 Videos With GemLightbox

Getting creative with the GemLightbox doesn’t require a lot. For this tutorial, we just need the following:

  1. The GemLightbox device
  2. The GemLightbox turntable
  3. A rose to serve as your background
  4. Your smartphone
  5. A diamond ring

Let’s begin!

Step 1. Place the rose and the jewelry right into the center of the GemLightbox turntable.

creative jewelry photos and videos using the GemLightbox

The rose here serves as the background, but you’re free to use any props that you have. Remember that the props you’ll use should match the tone of your campaign or the mood of the celebration you’re marketing for.

After positioning your background inside the GemLightbox, immediately place your jewelry on the turntable. Make sure that it is centered.

In this tutorial, Jen photographed a 1.7-carat VVS triple excellent (3X) diamond ring and a wedding band.

Step 2. Put back the reflector cover and open the GemLightbox app.

GemLightbox creative shots tutorial

As soon as you open the GemLightbox app, connect to the Bluetooth to start capturing photos and videos.

Step 3. Tap on your phone screen to adjust focus and brightness as desired.

GemLightbox tutorial

Step 4. Don’t forget to save the jewelry photo.

how to shoot creative jewelry photos and videos with the GemLightbox

Below, you can see Jen’s photographed diamond ring.

Most of the time, jewelry photos alone are not enough to close the sale or convince the buyers. For a more interactive and satisfying shopping experience, it’s best to accompany it with 360 jewelry videos.

Capturing 360 jewelry videos using the GemLightbox and your smartphone is possible with just one click. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 5. Tap on to the video to capture a 360-degree angle of your jewelry.

How to shoot creative jewelry photos and 360 videos

In this tutorial, Jen captured a 45-degree video in slow motion, but you should also be able to capture a 90-degree and 360-degree video if you so desire.

Step 6. Again, tap on the screen to focus and adjust the brightness if necessary.

How to shoot creative jewelry videos using the GemLightbox

From here, your smartphone will start recording. Don’t forget to switch on the Sparkles light using the button on the side of the GemLightbox. Sparkles will bring out those facets in your diamonds and make it sparkle in every motion.

Step 7. Click save to save your video in the GemLightbox gallery.

shooting creative jewelry videos

See how seamless the video turned out to be.

Sparkle in every turn, this 45-degree video was captured with the GemLightbox and a smartphone

Embrace Creativity!

The GemLightbox is handy for seasonal campaigns as it helps you save time in producing promotional materials and other content such as those social media-ready jewelry photos and jewelry videos. You don’t always have to limit yourself to sometimes-clinical white background photos, especially if the celebration calls for style. Bring your imagination to life and take those creative shots!

Do you want to see more imaginative ways of using the GemLightbox? Let us know in the comment section below!

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