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How to Sell Jewelry on eBay (Part 2)

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Thanks for joining us in our 2-part series of how to sell on eBay! In part 1, we covered how to set up your eBay account and the importance of jewelry photography for your eBay store. We also gave a rundown of our recommendations so that your images are attracting and converting customers on your eBay store. In part 2 we’ll run through how to optimize your eBay jewelry product listing so that online shoppers can find your products.

How to Optimize Your eBay Jewelry Product Listing

Optimize your product listing title

Now that we’ve gotten photos of the jewelry pieces we’ve decided to sell, it’s time to list them. The first step to listing your jewelry items is to create a listing title. A listing title is essentially a list of keywords that best describe your product. Cassini, eBay’s search engine, works similarly to any other search engine. What that means is shoppers search for products using specific keywords. Cassini’s algorithm works in a way that brings the best search result to the shopper based on the searched criteria. For Cassini to bring the best search result to the shopper, a product must be categorized correctly, contain relevant keywords and product identifiers. eBay allows for a total of 55 characters for your listing title, so use your words wisely and put yourself in the mind of your buyers’ shoes! With jewelry, you need to be extra specific and accurate with your product listing title. Include characteristics including material, size, brand, certifications (if any), and condition. You can follow eBay’s best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) here.

Optimize your product descriptions

Buying jewelry online is actually an emotional process. Satisfy a shopper’s emotional and material by using words that resonate with your customer’s persona. Words that empower the shopper are always most effective e.g. feel attractive, create beautiful memories, etc. Once the shopper’s emotional and material needs are satisfied, your conversion rates will increase drastically.

As mentioned earlier, 30% of all online sales are returned. Shoppers will not hesitate to return items as eBay has a very generous buyers protection policy should the products not match the description. With jewelry, you need to be even more specific with your product descriptions.

Avoid returns by anticipating and including all details of your jewelry product including:

  • Weight
  • Carat
  • Dimensions
  • What size to get (for rings)
  • Number of stones (if applicable)
  • Returns & refund policy
  • Packaging

The more proactive you can be with answering questions for your shoppers, the less likely they will hesitate with purchasing and returning your jewelry. Try to be as succinct as you can with your descriptions.

Choose Your Selling Format

There are two selling formats available for eBay sellers – Auction and Fixed Pricing.

Auctions work best when there is hot demand for a particular item. Fixed pricing, on the other hand, provides more control to you as the seller. You can also accept the best offer, in conjunction with fixed pricing. For most jewelry items, you’d want to stick with fixed pricing and best offer. For branded jewelry products, it’s possible that you could achieve a higher price if you auction your products.

BONUS: Add a 360-degree jewelry product video to further improve conversions

According to studies, shoppers are 144% more likely to add an item to their shopping cart and 30% more likely to check out if they see a 360-degree jewelry product video. However 360-degree product videos are very underutilized on online marketplaces, and more even with jewelry. The reason that simply is that jewelry photography is already extremely difficult, now adding a video component in the mix makes things much more complicated. Luckily for jewelers, Picup Media has released the world’s first smartphone jewelry turntable, allowing anyone to capture perfect 360-degree jewelry product videos from their smartphone. Watch the video below to see how simple it is to capture 360-degree jewelry product video.

Once a perfect video is exported, this video can be used immediately for your website, social media and messaging. You can find out how Picup Media customers use their 360-degree jewelry product videos in our how-to-guide here.

eBay supports 360-degree product videos in the form of a GIF file. You can upload the 360-degree product video recorded using the GemLightbox app to your eBay store by:

  1. Upload the video it to a free GIF hosting platform such as Giphy or Photobucket
  2. Convert the video to a GIF file
  3. Copy the image link i.e.
  4. Go to your eBay product listing and select HTML editing mode
  5. Insert the GIF image using the IMG code i.e. img src =
  6. Save your listing and repeat for all of your products

Congratulations! You’re already on your way to becoming a successful jewelry seller on eBay.

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