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Why Jewelers Should Be Excited About the GemLightbox Integration with RapNet

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Are you ready to get onboard with the GemLightbox’s newest project?

The GemLightbox integration with RapNet has made jewelry photography even better with all the benefits that await you!

You read that right!

The GemLightbox will soon be integrating with RapNet; thereby, making studio-quality photos and 360-degree videos accessible for both jewelry traders and buyers.

Both stakeholders will benefit from this integration in a multitude of ways. The fact that the quality of product photos is influential to 75% of online shoppers means that it can dramatically increase your target buyers’ purchase intention. Not only that, over 50% of polled online consumers believed that it is not the product reviews and product information that could seal the deal for them, but it’s the visual appearance, which is a prominent factor in making that first impression.

First impression forms within 50 milliseconds, and because our brain processes image 60,000 times faster than texts, this first impression relies heavily on the quality of your jewelry photos and videos. Such an insight makes RapNet and the GemLightbox alliance a force to be reckoned with in a digital jewelry world.

Read on and get to know more about why jewelers like yourself should be excited about this project.

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Why RapNet?

Jewelry Photography - GemLightbox and RapNet Integration
The GemLightbox and RapNet at the Hong Kong Diamond, Gem, & Pearl Show 2019

RapNet, the diamond industry’s largest and most trusted online trading network, has been the go-to destination of serious diamond buyers and sellers for over 20 years. Now, it has made sourcing more easily accessible with its jewelry B2B2C platform where thousands of buyers and sellers flock for a more convenient sourcing process and faster transaction.

The RapNet platform is not different from in-store sourcing, except it’s more convenient and fast without compromising quality and authenticity. It provides buyers and sellers direct access to over one million diamonds and thousands of fine jewelry pieces from verified suppliers across the globe.

Other benefits are as follows:

Seller’s Benefits

  • Have access to to thousands of ready buyers from all over the world
  • Increased sales opportunity with maximum exposure
  • Access to Rapaport Price List
  • Access to an in-depth market analysis along with diamond price indexes
  • Deal directly with no commission or transaction fees

Buyer’s Benefits

  • Best high-end fine jewelry prices from carefully vetted and most trusted suppliers
  • A powerful search engine that allows you to find diamonds quickly
  • Save time sourcing with its customized search that enables you to filter by location, sale terms, and gemological characteristics
  • Get to deal directly with no commission or transaction fees.
  • Real-time discounts

Buying and selling high-end fine jewelry on RapNet comes with ease, security, and efficiency. It’s a unique sourcing experience that you can do anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home.

Infographic-Rapnet and GemLightbox integration jewelry photography

What’s GemLightbox?

The GemLightbox and GemLightbox Turntable

The GemLightbox is a plug-and-play jewelry photography solution that lets you capture studio-quality jewelry photos in seconds using just your smartphone. Further, its add-on turntable enables you to capture perfect 360-degree jewelry videos every single time. It is effortless, time-saving, and fast —all while bringing you attention-stealing results.

But that’s not all! While GemLightbox was created to address many challenges jewelers face in terms of visual product appearance online, it’s also designed to target other problems that are highly likely to occur as the industry moves and merges between offline and online trading.

Find out below why the GemLightbox is the perfect e-commerce solution and the ways RapNet and GemLightbox integration can simplify your transition from offline to online outsourcing or to omnichannel diamond sourcing experience.

Top 3 Reasons to be Excited About the GemLightbox and RapNet Integration

1. Have a consistent visual appearance

Jewelry photography - RapNet and GemLightbox integration
Captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone

As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, consistency is one of the six fundamental principles of persuasion, which can increase your revenue by 23%. By paying attention to a consistent visual presentation of your diamonds, you help buyers remember your brand; thereby, leading to repeat purchases; but not only that, a standardized approach to listing your diamond products can simplify the search process for buyers and minimize confusion; therefore, resulting in an overall painless buying experience.

The lack of consistency is one of the issues faced by many online jewelry traders; hence, tackling it is crucial in extending trading transactions to online platforms. Quality control begins with consistent visual product imagery and presentation, but without a universal set guideline for the marketplace, it’s tough to keep consistency for image requirements in check. Fortunately, GemLightbox has the solution!

It’s very simple! By using the GemLightbox and the GemLightbox Application, you’ll get consistent white background and lighting even without retouching. Imagine capturing images and uploading it to the platform directly in no time. Fantastic, isn’t it?

As an added tip, always turn on your phone’s grid lines when photographing. Grid lines help find the right position. Take note of it and duplicate this same process every photo shoot to create a consistent outcome.

2. Studio-quality images in just one click

Our experience in different e-commerce platforms has allowed us to read the pulse of most jewelers. In fact, jewelry photography has been one of the most frequently discussed topics as getting high-quality jewelry images appears to be consistently challenging for most.

Photographing jewelry items is challenging, especially for non-professionals because the items are commonly small, reflective, and often with intricate designs, which details are hard to capture. Given these all characteristics, expect your photography session to be time-consuming, and this is an issue that we want to address in this integration. The GemLightbox was born out of Picup Media‘s everyday dealings with thousands of jewelers. The latter send their jewelry images to Picup Media who will then retouch those images to perfection, but not all images can be polished to perfection, especially if the images were captured poorly, to begin with.

We knew that solving the root of the problem would create a ripple effect on Picup Media‘s jewelry image retouching services, and so we worked and did not stop until the GemLightbox was introduced to the market. As shown in the video above, the GemLightbox is easy to operate. It neither needs extensive photography training nor advanced technical know-how. Simply plug it, place your jewelry inside, position your smartphone camera and capture!

Being one click away from studio-quality jewelry images benefits you in so many ways. Aside from its sales-boosting power, it also gives you the confidence to upload your images directly to RapNet or other social media platforms, which makes it an excellent time-saving strategy. When you simplify your photography process, you free yourself from other activities; hence, giving you more time to focus on other activities that are crucial to your business.

All images below were captured using the GemLightbox and a smartphone. No photo retouching was done.

3. Easy file transfer and organization with the GemLightbox App

GemLightbox and RapNet Integration
GemLightbox and RapNet Integration

In a fast-paced digital world, transferring and organizing files from one platform to another should be as easy as 1-2-3 and when it doesn’t happen that way, it gets frustrating.

RapNet and GemLightbox understood that speed matters in the digital transformation of the jewelry industry. We wanted every process, no matter how small it is, to be thorough and fast and that’s what we’re going to make you experience through the GemLightbox App, which is available for both iOS and Android users. The file transfer and organization are both painless. Simply capture your images or videos using the app and from there, connect directly to the RapNet platform. You can also rename your files in the app. RapNet can recognize files by filename; hence, it will automatically match the images to the right jewelry item.

With the traders’ convenience in mind, The GemLightbox and RapNet got everything covered; thereby, making it a perfect integration. After all, we want you to focus on trading while we take care of the things you need behind the scene.

BONUS: Experience the 360-effect with GemLightbox’s 360-video capability

If you haven’t paid attention yet, well, it’s always better late than never. Aside from the report that 51% of marketing professionals consider videos including 360-degree product views as the type of online content with the best ROI, it also increases purchase intent on smartphones by 7% and post-video click-through rate by 22%. Further, 69% of consumers expressed an intention to interact with 360-degree product videos in the future. Such 360° Effect is too good to ignore, so we’re making it accessible and effortless with the GemLightbox’s 360-degree capability.

Capturing 360-degree jewelry videos need not be an arduous process with the add-on GemLightbox turntable. You just simply place your jewelry on the turntable and capture! Watch the demonstration below to see how we capture perfect videos, like the one below, every single time!

Exciting times ahead, RapNet traders!

Get ready and get onboard! Stay tuned to this page or RapNet’s for more updates.

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