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Case Study: BB Designer Jewellers

BB Designer Jewellers
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The Picup Media Team returned to Sydney after several months of exhibiting at multiple jewelry shows across the world. It provided a great opportunity to catch up with Newtown jeweler Vartan Bakalian, owner of BB Designer Jewellers.

The Picup Media team first met Vartan at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, earlier in March this year where he purchased the GemLightbox.

jewelry photography hong kong show 2018
jewelry photography hong kong show 2018

Picup Media at the HKTDC International Jewelry Show in Hong Kong

Prior to GemLightbox, Vartan had just relied on his smartphone and photo editing software to create content for his social media channels. The problem was that producing high quality, consistent content was extremely time-consuming or just too expensive. As a small retail boutique, Vartan needed to focus his efforts on day-to-day business operations.

With his business’s needs in mind, Vartan traveled to one of the biggest jewelry shows, where he discovered Picup Media’s booth at the IT Solutions section.

“It’s a phenomenal lightbox here, comparing to the rest of them. Makes your job real easy and at the same time effortless. You’ll get the right results, here with the GemLightbox. Fantastic results!” – Vartan Bakalian of BB Designer Jewellers

It wasn’t long before Vartan secured his GemLightbox to take home to his shop in Newtown. Vartan then reveals that he had used many lightboxes previously but wasn’t just able to achieve a satisfactory result. What Vartan saw the greatest potential with GemLightbox was the ease of creating 360-degree videos. And the statistics don’t lie – according to Cathy McManus, buyers are 144% likely to add an item to their cart if they’ve seen a product video of it while others have claimed a 30% and 32% increase in sales and time spent on their websites, respectively.

Check out one of Vartan’s very first 360 jewelry videos here.

posting jewelry videos on instagram
posting jewelry videos on instagram

360 Degree Ring Video Shot On iPhone 7 by BB Designer Jewellers

All of Vartan’s 360-degree videos are captured using his iPhone 7. All it took was a white piece of paper and a turntable. You can read the step-by-step instruction on how you can achieve this exact result in this post here.

Vartan proved that it is possible for anyone to shoot studio quality photos and videos. We still refer many inquiries to Vartan’s original 360 video!

Social Media Tips

The Picup Media team shares a few tips for social media with Vartan before departing. Since you’ve read this far, we’ve decided to share them with you as well!


Consistency is one of the fundamentals of persuasion. In fact, statistics say that consistency and repetition can boost your branding and increase your revenue by 23% as it helps in establishing brand recall.

For your content consistency, ensure you are using the same branded or themed background.

With any branded or themed backgrounds, you are adding many elements to your photo. You need to remember that the subject matter should always be your jewelry. Avoid overly-distracting props and consider playing around with different filters. Our advice to you is to pick a theme that resonates with your branding and stick with it.

For your Facebook and Instagram accounts (every jeweller should at least be on these platforms), you’d want to be posting at a minimum daily to both your Instagram feed and story. To make sure you never miss out on a post, consider using a scheduler such as Buffer or Hootsuite. Adding powerful analytics to the equation, you can optimise your posts for when your target audience is most active. However, for stories, you’ll still need to post these natively from your smartphone. At least half the work is automated for you!

consistent instagram posts jewelry photography
consistent instagram posts jewelry photography

Consistency of posts on BB Designer Jewellers Instagram page

Show The Creative Process

People are naturally drawn to stories. A story that appeals to one’s emotions captivates our brain by releasing special chemicals that sustain their attention. The creative process could be simply a mid-workshop photo, artistic shot of the design concept, or a quick video showing the interactions between the jeweler and the customer. If you can take the audience on a journey, you bring a level of legitimacy to your professionalism which builds trust.

social media posts with the gemlightbox
social media posts with the gemlightbox

BB Designer Jewellers Creative Process

Instagram users love to take photos of the brands they love! You can recognise them by reposting their photos of your brand or creating a unique hashtag they can use when they post a photo of your jewelry. Having your own #hashtag helps grow your brand’s SEO (search engine optimisation). Also, having your customers tag your username and use your hashtags in their posts also ensures that you will have plenty of user-generated content for the years to come! User-generated content doubles up as amazing social proof to help build your brand’s reputation.

Reposting apps such as Repost makes reposting very easy, copying all the original post while including a watermark of the original poster.

Hashtags are extremely underutilised with many Instagram posts. Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags, which means they are encouraging you to be specific so that your content can be found by other users on the “Explore” function. According to studies, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag tend to receive 12.6% more engagement. It’s best you create a template of all the hashtags associated with your brand and reuse them for each of your posts. You’d rather be 30x more discoverable than none!

Keep Things Simple

In the end, the purpose of social media is that you can share anything about yourself and your brand. The messages you send to your audience should not be confusing. The sooner you get the attention of your audience, the easier you can drive them to your sales channels. Always include a Call-To-Action with every post so that you maximise your sales conversions.

And there you have it! Thank you once again, Vartan and we hope to see more great content on your page!

Watch the BB Designer Jewellers full testimonial video below.

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