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Picup Media Announcement: Atlanta Jewelry Show March

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Picup Media is excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Atlanta Jewelry Show in March. The Atlanta Jewelry Show will be the third show in the US and the very first show on the East Coast which Picup Media will exhibit. In addition to exhibiting, Picup Media will present three education sessions on “Photography Tips to Kick Off Your Online Business”.

The education sessions will cover the following key topics of:

Picup Media believes education is crucial for the survival of many members inside of jewelry industry. The emergence of online-only jewelry stores (e-tailers) such as James Allen and online marketplaces such as Amazon has disrupted the way how jewelry is bought and sold.

Customers are more educated than ever before. No longer do they need to visit a store to purchase a piece of jewelry. Now, they can make a purchase by simply clicking a few buttons on a website or a with few taps on a mobile device. For a traditional jewelry retailer, this can be devastating as they neither can reach or provide the same cost to customers in comparison to jewelry e-tailers and marketplaces.

Picup Media attempts to even out the playing field in the jewelry industry by providing free online education through their blogs and how-to-guides, as well as offer jewelry photography solutions such as their retouching service, the GemLightbox, and the GemLightbox Turntable.

Picup Media’s efforts to educate the jewelry industry did not go unnoticed. Cindy Chandler from the Atlanta Jewelry Show understood the importance of jewelry photography for any jewelry business and personally reached out to Picup Media, to invite them to their upcoming show as a guest speaker.

Picup Media accepted Cindy’s invitation, and extends their invitation to you to join them at the Atlanta Jewelry Show for the session on “Photography Tips to Kick Off Your Online Business”.

To apply for a seat at Picup Media’s free session, please sign up on the page here.

There are also many other events jewelers may find interesting and relevant to them. To see the full schedule of the events, please check out this page here.

Finally, Picup Media will also offer an exclusive jewelry photography service for select exhibitors at the March Atlanta Jewelry Show. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to have their jewelry products photographed at their booth including:

  • 3 product shots on a white background
  • 2 – 3 angles per shot
  • All images retouched to the Picup Media standard
  • 72-hour turn-around for retouching
  • 2 – 3 360-degree product videos recorded on a white background

To sign up for this exclusive event, please visit our page here.

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