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5 Reasons Why Your Jewelry Business Needs a Mobile App

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With over 3.5 billion smartphone users globally, it’s no surprise that the mobile applications industry is thriving. The number of app downloads has been steadily increasing, setting a record of a 13% year on year increase this year, between April and June. The download figure is amazing but even more so is the time spent on mobile apps. The 2019 statistics showed that people spent 90% of their mobile time using apps.; thereby making mobile apps an extremely useful sales and marketing tool for every jewelry business.

Now, you might think that developing a mobile app is expensive and then, use the cost factor to convince yourself that it is unnecessary, but not all apps require a big investment. Some digital solutions, like the Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB), for example, actually do not require you to start from scratch.

There are several factors, aside from cost, that you have to consider before developing your app, but we’re not here to talk about that. Today, we will show you the top reasons why your jewelry business needs a mobile app. Read on and decide for yourself whether all those stumbling blocks — imagined or not — outweigh the benefits.

Be open and let’s begin!

A mobile app is important for your jewelry business. Here’s why!

Modern life, heavily influenced by the advent of technology, is always busy and everyone appears to be addicted to faster living. This fast-paced way of living has changed consumers’ behavior dramatically. The consumers’ path to purchase has always been unique and complex but none of that has ever prepared brands for the explosion of digital channels. The countless options on the internet have made brands struggle to build a genuine connection with consumers, but the rise of mobile apps can bring back the shine to your dull brand strategy.

1. Top-of-mind awareness

For consumers to make a purchase, they must first know that a brand exists. This is a job that a mobile app can fulfill for you. When a user downloads your mobile app, the icon stays on their mobile device. Every time they use their phones, you’re there and they can see your brand, logo, and color like a constant reminder.

According to a study conducted by RescueTime, a productivity time-tracking tool, people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones. This means that by simply having your target consumers download your mobile app, you get the opportunity to stay on top of their minds, at least, subconsciously.

Now you can say that building a mobile app from scratch is expensive, but this is not the only solution. The Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB), a multichannel platform that revolutionizes the buying and selling of diamonds, colored stones, and jewelry online, offers a custom app solution that caters to both B2B and B2C business models.

VDB Custom App for Jewelry Business
Virtual Diamond Boutique

Without the need to start from scratch, VDB allows app customization that supports top-of-mind awareness. For instance, the B2C Custom App is a powerful solution that displays your logo in your chosen brand colors and fonts. This allows a complete visual presentation that expresses your brand identity; thereby, helping you stay in your customers’ minds every time they open their phones.

2. One-touch information accessibility

Your customers are not just “always on”, they are also always on the go.

A mobile app is essential to your jewelry business operation because it perfectly caters to customers who are always-on and always on the go. Sure, they can go to your website or social media pages but these channels always require a multi-step process that not all of them always have the time for, not to mention all the distractions the moment they open their social media.

A mobile app offers a one-touch product information accessibility

Consider the mobile app as your competitive advantage. In a busy world where people need information constantly, a one-touch solution is a competitive advantage any business would want. Statistics show that 78% of consumers spend have spent more time researching a product or brand online than researching in-store; hence, a one-touch product or brand information access right when they need it is one of the excellent ways to eliminate friction at the start of their buying journey. This information accessibility also follows them wherever in the world they are, so it contributes a lot in enhancing their brand experience.

The key in retail and marketing is that you don’t have to be available everywhere, but you have to be present wherever your customers are, and where would that be but on their mobile phones.

3. Push notifications

Another way that a mobile app can help you build genuine connection with your customers is through push notifications. These push notifications are an invaluable tool for businesses because of its ability to personalize communication with your customers — engaging them with product information real time.

Push notification in mobile app for jewelry business

Push notifications leverage customers’ data such as profile information and customer interests by providing them with personalized updates including your product prices and discounts, new product arrivals, special offers, and other important events.

A push-based app creates a better user experience and paves the way for long-lasting customer-brand relationship.

4. Integrations

A mobile app gives you a positive brand image by making customers’ shopping experience easy and convenient through feature integrations. One of the most popular integrations is a mobile payment system, which can be integrated either through a third party or by developing your own customized payment system.

Feature integrations make a mobile jewelry app convenient

Giving the customers the choice to pay their purchases in the app makes the shopping experience frictionless, which can increase mobile conversion instead of cart abandonment.

Other features you can integrate into the app are GPS, calendars, messaging system, and other built-in native device features.

5. Business analytics

Lastly, a mobile app can help your jewelry business design a more effective sales and marketing strategy by analyzing the collected data.

data analytics from the mobile app for jewelry business is useful

Mobile apps have the best capability for collecting insights that you can use to deliver a personalized shopping experience. Data such as the most viewed products, user engagement, and location details, among many others will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of your customers and their behavior. In return, your can make your products and service more customer-oriented to drive more sales.


A mobile app is extremely useful for your jewelry business. It helps you design a user experience that is convenient, satisfactory, and meaningful. In the new world of retail where customers have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, a genuine and meaningful connection with your customers is gold.

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