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5 Practical Jewelry Packaging Tips When Selling Online

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Are you looking for some jewelry packaging tips that can wow your buyers – a packaging idea that is creative and inexpensive at the same time? Read on below as we’ve listed five practical and frustration-free ideas for you!

Do you remember the first time you ordered something online and how it made you feel when you first saw the packaging?

Let’s admit it, thoughtfully-wrapped packages make you gush about it. It’s difficult not to notice, especially when it’s the first thing that greets you the moment it gets delivered to your house. It makes you feel special and valued as a buyer. If you’re over the moon every time you receive aesthetically pleasing packages, your buyers feel the same way too every time they receive a package from you. Who wants sloppy packaging anyway?

The packaging is a big deal for big brands, and small jewelry businesses are slowly embracing the trend. It’s risky to neglect this side of the business because it helps mold your brand reputation; however, there are still small businesses that are prepared to compromise on aesthetics to cut business costs and in so doing, have compromised brand reputation,self-sabotaged sales, and left a negative lasting impression.

What if there are ways to balance costs and aesthetics? Do you know that you can carry out creative packaging ideas without hurting your budget? That’s right! All you have to do is look for constant inspirations, know the right suppliers for you, and have some sense of artistry and creative handworks. We know you got it. You’re called a creative entrepreneur for a reason. If you’ve managed to create a stunning piece of jewelry, you can survive the packaging trends.

In this post, we’ve listed five practical jewelry packaging tips to help you start with your packaging planning process. Let’s get started!

5 Practical Jewelry Packaging Tips When Selling Online

1. Ensure your jewelry is well-packaged by investing in excellent packaging materials. 

Investing in excellent packaging materials is crucial when packaging jewelry for shipping. This is to ensure that your jewelry will arrive safely to your buyer. The last thing you’d want is to get notified by them telling you that the jewelry was damaged when it arrived. This could cause major problems and would likely result in the buyer asking for a refund or giving you a negative review.

5 Practical Jewelry Packaging Tips When Selling Online
Make sure you pick the right packaging for your jewelry items

To ensure your item is secured, consider the nature of your jewelry as some jewelry materials will require extra packaging than others. For instance, beadworks and other lampwork jewelry pieces will need extra care when shipped. Some small-business jewelry owners use bubble wraps or tissue paper for wrapping jewelry and then, putting it in zip locks or organza bags.

If you need help gathering packaging materials you need for your items, take a look at the expansive list of packaging materials offered by Westpack so you can get a clue of what is necessary. They have different types of pouches, wrapping paper, ribbons, wadding filling, jewelry boxes, and other packaging accessories that will surely spark your creativity.

2. Add a touch of personalization

Personalization can liven up the simplest jewelry boxes, so make sure to add a sense of personal touch to brighten your buyers’ faces. It’s also an excellent way to establish familiarity with your brand and capture their attention. Buyers are highly likely to opt for brands they are already familiar with so don’t slack in this department.

There are many ways to exercise personalization in Packaging. Make your brand unique by ensuring a well-coordinated approach. This means that the colors, the fonts, shapes, and other attributes you used are consistent with each other as it will make your packaging look well-thought and professional. Some jewelers rely on stylish typography to make their logo stand out while others include handwritten thank you notes. Hot foil stamping, as shown in the image above, is another popular method used in packaging. Hot foil stamping is a printing process that uses metal dies, pressure, heat, and foil film, which creates a visually attractive appearance of your design or logo – one that can totally increase the luxury factor of your brand. If you don’t have a manual machine or hot foil stamping machine, you can ask your box suppliers if they can do hot stamping for you. Other jewelry packaging companies like the Signature Jewelry Packaging offer the same service for jewelers.

The possibilities of improving your packaging’s visual impact are almost limitless. You just need to look for inspiration, know your creative capacity and have some people who will support you.

3. Boost repeat purchases

What better way to encourage repeat purchases than when you have your buyer’s attention all for yourself? Every time a buyer opens her jewelry package from you, you can be 100% sure that you got her attention locked-in on your product. This is a perfect time to establish customer loyalty, so grab every chance you get.

5 Practical Jewelry Packaging Tips When Selling Online2

One excellent way to boost repeat purchases is by making it easier for them to find you again once they’re ready to make another purchase. Slip a business card containing your name and social media business pages into the jewelry package. This will not only encourage repeat purchases but is also an inexpensive approach to growing your social media following. Some jewelers don’t hesitate to go the extra mile when building relationships with their buyers. Some would include thoughtful thank you cards for the buyers while others are generous enough to add little surprises like free loose beads or earrings if you’re into fashion jewelry.

4. Take photos of the packaged jewelry 

If you read about jewelers’ experiences online, you’ll realize that packages can get damaged during shipping and your buyers are highly likely to return the item and request a refund.


Protect yourself from further losses by taking photographs of your packaged jewelry should you need to file an insurance claim. This will serve as proof that you’ve taken appropriate and adequate measures to ensure the safety of your shipment. Further, don’t forget to remind your buyer to take the same photographs as soon as it arrives and always keep the receipt.

5. How much should your packaging cost? 

Consider your packaging cost before you go crazy purchasing packaging materials. Start by asking for suggestions, recommendations, or pieces of advice from other jewelers on different jewelry forums and online marketplaces.

5 Practical Jewelry Packaging Tips When Selling Online6

Once you gathered enough insights, continue by checking different jewelry packaging suppliers like Rio GrandeeBayWestpack, and Jewelry Packaging among many others so that you can compare prices.

Always remember to write down all the materials you need with its corresponding prices to avoid going overboard. While buyers are delighted by beautiful jewelry packaging, you want it to be a win-win situation for you as much as possible.

Think out of the box!

There’s more to jewelry packaging than boxes and bags. In fact, 52% of online shoppers are likely to become repeat buyers if you deliver delightful packaging experiences while nearly 40% revealed they had shared videos or images of new purchases. Who wouldn’t want a share of that pie?

Stop looking at your packaging as mere boxes that needed to be dispatched because it’s more than just that. Inside it is your brand reputation, credibility, and customer loyalty. Your packaging is an experience. Make it memorable; think out of the box!

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