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5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Jewelry Business

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Now that you know how to start a jewelry blog for your business, you might wonder if there is really any good to it given the effort of maintaining it. Absolutely! Let’s take a look at the statistics!

As cited by HubSpot:

  • More than three-fourths of internet users read blogs regularly (Quoracreative, 2019).
  • Marketers who focused and prioritized blogging activities were 13% more likely to experience a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • 66% of polled marketers used blogs in their social media marketing efforts.
  • 55% of polled marketers stated that blogging was their top inbound marketing priority.

These figures speak a lot about the importance of business blogging and why, you too, should get into it for the benefit of your jewelry business. After all, the benefits outweigh the cost of building it and that despite the costs required, it is still inexpensive compared to any other marketing activities. In return, you attract and potentially acquire prospective customers. But this is just one of its many benefits. Read on and find out why marketers considered business blogging as the holy grail of digital marketing.

5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Jewelry Business

1. It drives traffic to your online jewelry shop

the benefits of blogging for your jewelry business

Who doesn’t want web visitors?! We all do!

Business blogging is an effective way of keeping your website from being stagnant because every time you write a new blog post, it communicates to Google that your website is active.

The key point to remember here is that every new post equates to a new indexed page, which increases your chance of getting found in different search engines. This, later on, translates to organic traffic to your website.

Come to think of it – without a consistent blog activity, the chances of your target customers finding you online are only dependent on the following:

  • If you are an established jewelry brand with high brand recall, existing customers and potential prospects could just type your brand name into the address bar of their browser to find you.
  • You hope that your paid ads reach your target customers and that they would go to your website to buy your products. This is expensive and unstable because the moment you stop buying ads so does your web traffic.

Now you could say, you could rely on your social media presence to drive traffic to your online jewelry store. That could be true, but why would you limit your potential when you could benefit from both. For example, your blog page can actually be a repository of content for your social media marketing activity. It’s a win-win situation and eliminates the struggle of creating original content as frequently and as rapidly as people consume social media content. Blogs, unlike social media content, are long-form content, so you can provide incredible value to your audience through it.

2. It generates leads

lead generation - benefits of blogging

From the oasis of your long-lasting web traffic emerges your quality leads.

Every new blog post is another opportunity to generate new leads. There are many ways you can execute this and it all boils down to one simple rule – ASK!

To channel the brilliant artist Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking, ‘there’s a difference between wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen.’

After driving traffic to your website, you must convert that traffic into something profitable. You don’t want them to just read and go. You want them to see you as a brand that they would purchase from, so make them do it. Adding a call-to-action (CTA) is one effective way of doing it.  

Your CTAs can make them subscribe to your blog, download your free e-book or whatever offering you have for them, sign up to your page, contact you – anything! Just ask them.

A powerful CTA should be action-oriented, visually attractive, and of course, compelling, but don’t focus too much on how it looks that you neglect the importance of strategic positioning. You want your CTA to be visible to your audience, so place it at the top of the page, within the post, at the end of the post, in the sidebar, or put a pop-up but the kind that does not annoy visitors or hamper their meaningful reading experience. Impeccable timing matters if pop-ups are your way of converting traffic to leads

3. It helps establish your brand as an industry leader

The benefits of blogging for your jewelry business - establish brand authority

Most business blogs focus on answering questions and solving problems that their existing customers and prospects are dealing with. This approach makes those blogs an incredible source of information and educational resources; thereby, positioning themselves as an authority in the industry or subject.

Further, blogs are not only beneficial to attracting new leads; it is also a powerful sales tool, which could enhance your sales enablement solutions. For example, your salespeople might encounter questions about the design of your new jewelry collection. If you have published a blog post talking about the inspiration behind your new jewelry collection, your salespeople wouldn’t struggle to explain the inspiration behind it as they could easily pull the answer from your blog posts. This could save them time; therefore, making the sales process quick and smooth-flowing.

Embrace this approach and write content of true value to your audience consistently. You will eventually build a following in your niche.

4. It builds meaningful connection

business blogging builds meaningful connection

Blogging for your jewelry business does not only connect the audience to your brand; it also facilitates a meaningful connection between you and your existing and new customers. As such, it is incredibly useful for building brand awareness and establishing and maintaining brand identity.

To position your jewelry blog as a customer relationship arsenal, you have to (re) introduce your brand to them. Tell them about the inspiring story behind your business or let them take a peek into your workshop so they get to have an idea of all the hard work, commitment, and dedication that you and your team put in to craft an intricately seductive engagement ring, for example. Using an authentic voice, your audience will get a solid grasp of your business character, vision, and values as a business.

Furthermore, do not forget to engage with your audience in the comment section of your jewelry blog. Whenever they ask a question, respond to them directly. Relate to them on a personal level but be professional. It’s a trust-building strategy that amplifies your brand.

5. It increases your brand exposure

blogging increases brand exposure

Finally, blogging for your jewelry business helps increase your brand exposure as it creates opportunities for you to be read by others who might not be aware of your brand but are potential customers. This opportunity starts when visitors read your jewelry blog and find it valuable enough to be shared on their social media accounts. This behavior of sharing content increases the likelihood of content virality and helps attract a larger audience; thereby, widening your appeal

And there you have it!

Ready to post your first jewelry blog?

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