GemLightbox Eclipse

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Price: US $129
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Perfect black background videos every single time​.

Specially made for GemLightbox, the GemLightbox Eclipse is an add-on plug-and-play solution designed for capturing amazing black background videos.
GemLightbox Turntable will be required to operate GemLightbox Eclipse.

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Length170 mm
Width170 mm
Height40 mm

Introducing GemLightbox Eclipse

Perfect Black background videos in one click!

GemLightbox Eclipse

Results that sell

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3 Simple Steps


Your smartphone

Download the GemLightbox App


GemLightbox Eclipse


Perfect black backgrounds


See How to Use GemLightbox Eclipse

How to setup GemLightbox Eclipse

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4.9175 reviews
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4.953 reviews
4.9 1308 reviews
Buchwald Jewelers
Miami3 years ago

Buchwald Jewelers is internationally renowned as a trove of fine jewelry and engagement rings, with sibling stores in Belgium, Atlantic City, and New York City. Owner Dave Buchwald gives us his thoughts on the GemLightbox and how it has helped propel his online sales.

Picup Media
Christine haniken jewelers
Egan testimonial
simply sapphires testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got you covered.

Does the Eclipse work with any other lightbox?

No, the GemLightbox turntable is specially made for the GemLightbox. It will not work with any other lightbox.

No, the GemLightbox turntable is specially made for the GemLightbox. It will not work with any other lightbox.

Absolutely, the app is free to download off Apple Store, Google Play, and Huawei. Simply download the app to connect to the turntable.

What is the largest object you can fit inside Eclipse?

GemLightbox Eclipse is designed for small jewelry only. It will fit anything up to a medium-sized men’s watch. Anything larger will not fit.

How does it work?

To operate Eclipse, simply:1. Download the GemLightbox App. 2. Click on the Eclipse filter 3. Click to capture!

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