Product Photography Services

Product Photography Services

With the rise in e-commerce, online businesses have started to realize the value of product photography services. There are only two types of information in the digital platform that can help your customers understand your product. One is the product description, which tells about the product specifications & features, and the other is a product photo or video. Though both these are equally important, product photos help the customer to trust the product. And this has a major impact on the buying decision. Hence, online businesses need to have high-quality product photographs on their website. This is very true for online jewelry businesses because even a basic jewelry product is expensive. And when you want the customer to spend that kind of money on your jewelry product, he has to trust your product more. But the problem is most people who own online jewelry businesses are not professional jewelry photographers and cannot take such appealing jewelry product photos.

But even if someone is fairly knowledgeable about photography, product photography can still seem complex. You would need special accessories such as lights, tents, DSLRs, tripods, reflector panels, etc. Even if you can get all the equipment, you would still have to know about all the different lighting setups and camera settings such as exposure, ISO, shutter release, etc. If you are dealing with a jewelry product, then jewelry lighting setups vary based on the product. For example, earring photography would require a different lighting setup as compared to necklace photography. This complexity leads people to avail of product photography services.

Where to find good product photography services near me?

Where to find good product photography services near me

You can find many studios or professionals online who offer these product photography services. But the flip side to this is that it is expensive, especially if you are looking for jewelry product photography services. These studios charge thousands of dollars per day for a fixed number of photographs. Also, you would have to adhere to their schedule, and that might be inconvenient, and every time you have to add a product to your portfolio, you would have to pay the studio again. Instead, you can get yourself a jewelry lightbox from Picup Media. Unlike some product photography services, our lightboxes are affordable and come with a wide range of features at different price ranges.

The best part about Picup Media’s lightbox is its simplicity and its ease of use. You don’t have to worry about complex lighting setups or anything. You can just turn it on and start shooting studio-quality photos and videos. This lightbox is also capable of simulating natural lighting thanks to the daylight feature. If your jewelry product has a gemstone, you can also switch on the sparkling lights to highlight the beauty of the gemstone. You can also attach the reflector panel to the front to redirect light onto the product. This ensures that the photos look crisp and bright.

One more additional advantage of our lightboxes is that it supports 360 product photography. You can get the lightbox variant that comes with the 360 product photography turntable. You can place the product on the turntable and start shooting studio-quality 360 product photos and videos. If you do not know how to handle a DSLR, you can also use your phone. Install our 360 product photography app on your smartphone and connect it through Bluetooth. Once done, your smartphone camera will be enough for shooting some high-quality 360-degree content. You can also use the smartphone stand that comes with the lightbox to stabilize the camera; thereby, avoiding shaky images.

Picup Media aims at providing you with creative and innovative solutions to make your jewelry photography experience smooth and amazing. This is why apart from the products, we also offer great services. With our photo retouching service, we will remove any fingerprints or scratches on the product. We can also change the background to make it look more appealing. We also offer other services such as hallmarking, color changing, etc.

Why should I invest in product photography services?

Why should I invest in product photography services

As already discussed, product photography services play a huge role in selling your products online. Product photographs can make or break a sale. Almost 75% of online shoppers rely on product photographs while deciding on a potential purchase. Allowing shoppers to return products has become mandatory these days. Though these may seem convenient for shoppers, online businesses lose a lot of money as they don’t charge customers for returns. Many analysts in the conversion rate optimization sphere state that almost 22% of product returns happen due to poor product photographs. Just by using good product photography services like Picup Media, you can cut down one-fifth of your losses. One more reason to invest in product photography services is social media. With an increasing number of people using social media every day, a good product photo is more likely to be shared on the social media platform. This acts as free marketing and can get you more sales.

With over 8000 customers globally, Picup Media is one of the best product photography services you can find. Order from Picup Media now to enjoy an amazing jewelry photoshoot experience.