Earring Photography

Earring photography is the process of capturing best in class photos and videos of earrings in the hopes of drawing customer’s attention and enticing them to buy the product. Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry product categories, along with necklaces and bracelets. While necklaces and bracelets are mostly used for special occasions, earrings are used more often.

Every jewelry product photography comes with its own set of challenges, and earrings are no different. They are small in size and are shiny, which can cause annoying reflections. They also dangle a lot, which can result in blurry photographs.

How do you photograph earrings?

Product Photography Tips: 5 Easy-to-Reproduce Jewelry Photography Ideas
Photographed with GemLightbox and a smartphone

There are two methods of earring photography. The first is using an open frame, and the second is using an earring holder. When setting up the open frame, make sure it is well-positioned. Use clamps to fix it in place, so it doesn't fall over in the middle of the photoshoot. Also, use a white background and a light tent to avoid reflections. Once the frame is set inside the light tent, you can clip transparent threads to it. Transparent threads are used so that they don’t appear in the pictures. Then you can tie the earrings to the thread, and your setup is done. Now you would have to start setting up the camera. Make sure your camera is at a very short distance from the earring but not too near; otherwise, the product might fill the frame. You can also add small LED lights inside the tents for extra brightness. Then you can start adjusting your ISO and exposure according to your preference. And you are all set for earring photography using an open frame. If you choose to shoot with an earring holder, then place the earrings such that they are nicely positioned and evenly spaced from the holder. When it comes to lighting, you can place a light source at an angle from the top. Finally, you can also place reflector panels below the earrings so that light is redirected to the jewelry product.

There are a few common mistakes that, if avoided, can improve your earring photography. Never take photos of earrings at an angle when they are placed horizontally. This would result in out of focus shots, awkward compositions, and an overall bad display of the earrings. The second mistake that most people make is adding too many props to the photograph. This only succeeds in taking the customer’s focus away from the earring. The third common mistake is capturing multiple earrings in a single frame, which will make the image look cluttered and disorganized. Hence always take photographs of one pair at a time.

Can you do earring photography with a smartphone?

Shooting 360 videos of earrings

You can use your smartphone to take pictures, but the normal studio-setups wouldn’t be too compatible with a smartphone. So, though earring photography using a smartphone is possible, do not expect amazing results. But if you want to shoot only with a smartphone, then there is a way. Picup Media is an online platform that provides creative and innovative solutions to online businesses' jewelry product photography needs. Picup Media offers a jewelry lightbox that allows anyone to shoot best in class photos and videos.

There is no complicated jewelry lighting setup required because the lightbox already comes pre-installed with lights placed at calculated positions so that the product receives adequate lighting. There are also two lighting options, such as daylight and sparkle. The daylight option creates a well-lit environment by simulating natural lighting. This results in crisp and bright photos. When you switch on the Sparkle, an extra light gets activated. Sparkle adds a sparkling effect to the gemstones. There is also a jewelry stand that can hold the earrings in place. It can also be used for other jewelry products. Hence, this lightbox can be used for necklace photography and ring photography also. There are two openings, one on the front and the other on the top of the lightbox, allowing you to capture nice front angle and top angle shots. It also comes with a universal adapter; hence, it can be used anywhere in the world.

It is also compatible with 360 product photography. You can get the lightbox and turntable combo or the 360 product photography turntable add-on. The turntable is UV coated, which gives it a nice look in the photos and videos. The lightbox also lets you shoot with your smartphone. You can install the 360 product photography app from either the Play Store or the App Store. It will just take you a couple of minutes to set it up, and once done, you can shoot studio-quality photos and videos from your smartphone. Compared to what professional photographers or studios charge, the lightbox is super affordable.

If you notice any dust or fingerprints in the image, then not to worry, you can send us the photos or videos, and we will retouch it with our photo retouching service. We remove any fingerprints, dust, or scratches from the product in the image. It usually takes us 3 or 4 days to finish this process. We also offer additional services such as hallmarking, color-changing, and TIFF download. You can visit Picup Media’s website for more information about these services to help you with your earring photography.

If you are looking for a smooth and easy earring photography experience without breaking the bank, Picup Media's lightbox is your best choice.