Why PicUp Media?

The Troubled World of Brick and Mortar Stores

You may have heard about the importance of good jewelry product photography. As shoppers continue to embrace the convenience of online shopping and vast inventory, more and more brick and mortar stores are predicted to fall on the brink of bankruptcy. For instance, the number of stores that closed down in the previous year had increased by 30%, and more bankruptcy filings from the retail sector are awaiting processing. Others have shifted completely to online operation. So, how does it affect your jewelry business? Can product photography give you the leverage to beat the growing competition and capture the shopper’s meticulous but finite attention? Let’s dig deeper and explore the consistent trend of product photography.

Nearly 70% of online shoppers say that the quality of the product image is far more important than reviews and other product-related information



of browsing time online



of your product page



of the buying decision

Product Photography is a key driver of sales growth

Despite the unquestionably growing sales figures made online, shoppers can be lost easily to competitors when you don’t have the proper visual elements that will attract them to explore your site. These visual elements primarily consist of your jewelry photos. The quality of those photos will determine whether you will make or lose a lot of sales. Did you know that your shoppers can process images 60,000x faster than text and can remember 80% of what they see? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have them look at your clear and detailed jewelry photos and get enticed to purchase it right then?

Jewelry purchases are considered emotional. This emotional significance makes your shoppers want to experience the product before checking out. If you’re looking to increase your online or in-store sales, you can adopt strategies that will meet this need such as 3600 photography and photo retouching services. No shoppers would purchase a diamond ring that looked dusty and blurry in photos. PicUp Media Solutions will perfect your jewelry photos by removing blemishes and adjusting technical elements like colours, lighting, contrast, and more, so your shoppers can envision their style when they look at it. PicUp Media through the GemLightbox 3600 photography feature will simulate in-store buying experience, so you shoppers can experience your jewelry even without picking it up. It’s product photography made simple!

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Our Solution to pixel perfect Images.


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