How to capture Amber necklace

No retouching | Amber necklace

Amber jewelry has been revered since the Neolithic times for its captivating color and natural beauty. It can range from a brilliant yellow or burnt orange, to deep merlot reds and earthy browns. But what is Amber?

Amber is fossilized tree resin, commonly found with insects or plant matter encased within. It is one of Nature’s wonders that seeping tree gum can become such highly prized and fashionable pieces of jewelry.

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Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox
Amber necklace

1. Place your jewelry inside the GemLightbox

Amber necklace hung using GemLightbox Aerial


2. Place the reflector back on

The GemLightbox reflector is crucial in providing the perfect lighting environment for your jewelry


3. Click to capture

Capture pixel perfect images of your jewelry with a single click on your smartphone!


4. Save your image

Don’t forget to save your beautiful image to your GemLightbox gallery!

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