How to Photograph a Yellow Diamond on a Grey Background

Jewelry type - Diamonds
Equipment - GemLightbox Macro
Retouching style - Not retouched
Camera - Smartphone
Photo or video - Video

Learn how to photograph a yellow diamond on a grey background with the latest GemLightbox Macro. Scroll below for a quick step-by-step guide.

Yellow Diamond

A diamond that can brighten up your day⁠—a yellow diamond, which color is attributed to the nitrogen within its crystal structure, is graded from the lowest of the GIA D-Z color grading scale to fancy hues; hence, giving it the widest range of variants. Its color intensity is dependent on the amount of nitrogen present within its structure.

However, natural yellow diamonds are rare. In fact, only 1 out of 10,000 carats mined is found to be yellow. As such, the deeper the hues, the more valuable the stone is.

Some Fun Facts to Ponder

  • Unlike the popularity of round brilliant cut white diamonds, yellow diamonds are commonly cut in oval form to maximize their color. This is because a round cut reflects a lot of light, which reduces the yellow.
  • Kimberley Octahedron is the largest natural octahedral diamond in the world. At 616 carats, Kimberley Octahedron was discovered in 1972 and has remained uncut to preserve its uniqueness.
  • The first yellow diamond, also known as the Eureka Diamond, was first discovered in 1867 in South Africa.

Now, let’s get to work!


Step 1. Plug in and press the power button.

Plug in and press the power button

First, plug in the GemLightbox Macro, press the power button, and remove the front reflector cover.


Step 2. Open the GemLightbox App.

Download the GemLightbox app

Next, open the GemLightbox app or download it if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

The GemLightbox app is available to download on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. To download, simply search for “GemLightbox” and follow the download instructions.

Once completely downloaded, connect the app via Bluetooth. Ensure that the Bluetooth setting on your phone is enabled to connect successfully.

Unlike your native phone camera, the GemLightbox app optimizes your phone camera settings for jewelry, gems, and diamond photography.


Step 3. Choose the gem holder and place it inside the GemLightbox Macro.

Choose your gem holder

After connecting your GemLightbox app to Bluetooth, it’s time to choose the gem holder.

The GemLightbox Macro with loose stone discs of gem holders in three (3) different sizes and colors.

  • Small for stones under 1ct.
  • Medium for 1-10ct.
  • Large for 10ct and above, up to 50ct.

The gem holders come in white, grey, and black; thus, making it achievable for you to capture photos and videos on three different backgrounds.

For this tutorial, we used a white grey gem holder for a solid grey background.


Step 4. Place the yellow diamond inside the box.

Position the yellow diamond inside the GemLightbox Macro

Then, place the yellow diamond inside the GemLightbox Macro on the gem holder.  For this demonstration, we photographed a square radiant cut VVS1 0.48ct intense yellow diamond.

Proper positioning is critical to capturing the details of the stone in the best light possible. Ensure that it is positioned in the center of the holder; otherwise, if you’re capturing a 360 video, the stone will be carried farther away from the center of the turntable when it rotates.

The gem holder comes with a groove to mark the center point. Use it as your guide.


Step 5. Put back the front reflector cover and set up the smartphone stand.

Set up the smartphone stand of Macro

The GemLightbox Macro comes with a custom smartphone stand. To set it up, simply loosen the screw on the right-hand side of the stand and move it to the length proportional to the camera lens.

Pay attention to the ruler

Pay attention to the ruler on the left-hand side of the stand. This ruler acts as a guide for the length. Ensure that the double-sided arrow on the left side points to the exact height measurement of your phone. Once matched up, tighten the screw.

Watch the full Macro set up here.


Step 6. Place your smartphone on the stand.

Place the smartphone on the stand

Place the smartphone onto the stand. Toggle the phone left and right until you match the camera into the center of the macro lens. After positioning it correctly, move the width adjuster tool towards the phone to lock the position.

Once it’s all set up and matched, we highly suggest not changing it anymore for ease of use in the future.

Subsequently, adjust the turntable width and height using the width and height adjustment tools on each side of the box to position the stone closer or farther away from the lens. Move small stones closer to the lens and the large ones farther away to achieve the optimal result.


Step 7. Click to capture!

Click to capture

Finally, click to capture!

Go to camera mode to capture photos and shift to video mode to capture 360, 90, or 45-degree video.

Don’t forget to hit ‘save’ to save the images and videos to the GemLightbox app gallery. From the gallery, you can easily post your visual assets to your social media accounts, e-commerce stores, or send them directly to your prospective buyers via e-mail—no photo retouching required.

If this is not your first time using the GemLightbox Macro, you may skip steps 5 and 6 and simply place, point, and shoot!

You may also watch the complete tutorial here.

How to photograph a yellow diamond on a grey background

Happy photographing!

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