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How to photograph earrings


How to Photograph Earrings

Get your hands on this specialized jewelry photography eBook and learn how to photograph earrings in five simple steps!

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Practical Photography Tips for All Types of Earrings

No muss, no fuss! Learn how to photograph different types of earrings with these 5 simple steps that work every single time. 

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Jewelry Cleaning 101

Sparkle on! Pore over the basic jewelry cleaning hacks and find out how you can keep your earrings gorgeously bright and shiny all year round. 

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Bonus Photography Advice

Meet the GemLightbox Aerial and learn how to capture photos and videos of dangling earrings in style with just your smartphone.

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Photograph earrings in style!

Did you know that hanging your earrings on teacups or bowls distract potential buyers more than attract them from buying? Learn how to display your work without cheapening its value with these 5 simple steps.   

Earrings photography doesn't have to be complex. You can do it in one click.

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78% of online shoppers rely on product images when making buying decisions.

How to photograph earrings ebook


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