GemStack Add Ons

GemStack Add Ons

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Want to get even more out of your GemStack?
Once you have your GemStack, you can level up with our exclusive GemStack Add-Ons. GemStack Add-Ons comes with 5 GemStack accessories that allow you to capture using even more configurations.

GemStack Add-Ons:
Price: US $199
Price: US $199
30 days money back guarantee*
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Trusted by 20,000+ Jewelers


This is GemStack

Automate your entire photography process in one click! Capture studio quality images and videos.


How it works?


Your Smartphone

Simply download the Free GemLightbox App on any device

Picup Media


Connect to GemStack via Bluetooth

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Studio quality photos and videos

One click capture and share!

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Celebrating a decade of Brilliance to our 20,000+ customers

4.9175 reviews
4.9175 reviews
4.953 reviews
4.953 reviews
4.9 1658 reviews
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Tanya Newbould from Del Pozzo Jewelry
AGTA GemFair Tucson 2 years ago

Tanya Newbould of Del Pozzo Jewelry enthuses over the revolutionary influence of the jewelry virtual try-on feature on her business. Absolutely upping her game, Tanya raves, “This is the best product on the market!”


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Professional quality

Pixel-perfect images and videos at the touch of your fingertips.


No set-up required: take professional videos and images at the click of a button.


Take this smartphone-sized platform with you wherever you go. No power outlet needed.


Get creative by using the GemTower with different backdrops to accentuate your jewelry even more.

30 Days
Money back guarantee*

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this giveaway?

We’ve been a part of the global jewelry business for ten brilliant years. All along our journey, our biggest champions have been our customers – the passionate jewelers, entrepreneurs, and artisans that use our products every day.

We want to to thank you for your support and celebrate our birthday together with you. That’s why we’ve decided to give away GemStack Free to 10,000 customers!

How do I hook it up to GemStack?

GemStack hooks up to our intuitive GemHub application on your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. It’s easy to connect and powers up at the touch of a button!

What is the $90 fee you're asking me to pay during this giveaway?

We want to say thank you and celebrate our birthday with as many customers as possible. To ensure that we can, we’re asking you to pay:

Flat rate global shipping fee: so that we can get your GemStack to you as quickly as possible, wherever you are in the world

A small service fee: so we can make sure our team can process your order as soon as they receive it

Taxes: Unfortunately, these are unavoidable! But we’ve made sure to pass along the smallest amount we possibly could

What are the GemStack Expansion Pack?

GemStack Add ons are 6 individual add-ons which connect to the GemStack magnetically. They allow you to capture larger jewelry pieces, watches and multiple gems on the turntable.

Your free GemStack already comes with a 360° turntable and 8 different-sized slots built in. So don’t worry, even without the GemLevels you can plug-and-play. You can always choose to upgrade with the GemStack Expansion Pack later down the line.

What happens to my GemHub subscription at the end of the 12 months?

As part of the Brilliant Birthday Giveaway, you get a free 12 month subscription to GemHub. After 12 months, you will be billed $199 a month automatically. Cancel anytime after the first 12 months by giving us one month’s notice via the app.

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