The GemLightbox Technology

Our research and develop department tried almost every existing lighting technology on the planet and have finally found the perfect blend for lighting. Having tried bulbs, LEDs at every different voltage and brightness. We even tried magnets and lasers.The box is made using special blends of plastic that create the perfect lighting environment for your product. You will notice that the metals captured in the images have a unique gradient every time as the box has been tailored around realistic shiny metals – our lights are designed to bounce around the box before being filtered by a special diffuser that creates soft gradients around the jewellery piece. designed to capture the most beautiful metal surfaces.

Our lights have been tested in every different location of the box. The lights have been positioned in such a way that the perfect amount of brightness is shined onto the item to create the ideal environment for shooting.We have added a black reflector to create beautiful black lines and contrast to the images.

A mirror piece has also been customly sized and position in the box to enhance the diamonds and pieces. The mirror piece allows soft gradient tones to reach the metal surfaces and also reflects diffused light into the diamonds to bring out the facets.Manufactured and designed in Australia.Designed for use with consumer-oriented digital cameras and smartphones the digital photography box puts camera control in your hands.
A single switch controls the three sets of high grade LED lights inside GemLightbox. These lights have been positioned to reflect light in a certain way.
The bright white interior side panels are created using a special grade of plastic to diffuse the lighting. Two removable door to use for reflectors – one targets diamonds and precious stones, the other targets pearls, jade and other semi precious items. The removable door can be opened and removed in one easy step for quick and easy placement of your jewelry.