The GemLightbox Journey

GemLightbox makes your jewelry photography stress-free

Designed, built, and perfected to be timeless and effortless, GemLightbox is founded by the same team behind the successful PicUp Media – a leading jewellery retouching company that serves over 2000 jewellers worldwide. PicUp Media has an extensive experience in processing hundreds of jewellery images a day which enabled our team to acquire a far more deeper understanding of jewellery photography. Through this, we quickly learned about the lack of consistency in jewellery photographs we are receiving and the absence of image quality benchmark.

Our Journey

“How can I improve my jewellery photos?”

Having been asked the same question several times, our team immediately realised what our clients need. Each of them desires high quality photos that will showcase their true brand identity to their clients, however, the lack of consistency may have been derived from one main problem: jewellery photography is undoubtedly time consuming. Our clients just neither don’t have the luxury of time to rummage for the right techniques through learning photography lessons nor the flexibility to tinker with their cameras for hours. .

Recognising this development of pattern from our numerous clients, our team has learned to listen to their woes. It didn’t take long before we decided to invest in creating the perfect jewellery lightbox that is specifically made for jewellers by jewellers. Our creation has majorly considered the challenges we have previously identified, such as time constraint, while we incorporate the power of simplicity and convenience. The solution, which highlights one of its best features, is a no-setup and no-training required photography tool that lets jewellers snap and go!

Our Challenge

Will technology or the lack of digital development kill the jewellery industry?

Having known the root cause of the problem, and with our co-founders being former e-commerce business leaders, it didn’t take long before our professional cameras began working. Brand associates and other industry-related companies have tapped us for expert advices on mastering jewellery photography. The process of generous sharing of knowledge led to our belief that we have filled the gap in innovation.

Since then, our team has been hand picked to create innovative products and services to the jewelry trade. Equipped with our knowledge and experience in perfecting photography setups whilst trying to keep costs and budget properly managed, the team invested in professional cameras, lighting kits, different lighting technologies, different reflector materials, and grades of plastic and lighting systems. Despite our efforts and the existence of advanced photography tools, none of the approaches we applied could produce the desired results. We thought we solved and perfected it…or didn’t we?

Apparently, producing jewellery images that could do “sales talk” while providing satisfactory visual experience remained a mystery.

Others may underestimate the power of high quality jewellery images but its importance in trade cannot be ignored, especially in this day and age when the only antidote for narrowing attention span seems to be the presence of engaging and emotive product visual imagery, otherwise it could lead to narrowing sales.

Determined to unlock the jewellery photography mystery, our team learned to analyse the situation from the mixed perspectives of a potential customer and of a jeweller. Buyers want beautiful jewellery imagery that will make them want to buy the piece the moment they see it. Jewellery images should spark buyers’ emotions for emotions are always involved when buying a jewellery, however, it is almost impossible to capture these emotions through images without the perfect setup. Hence, our team invested time and efforts into the perfect lightbox setup that could produce consistent studio quality results every time.

Overwhelmed by the growing power of visual engagement, our team has finally discovered the right approach that will change the way jewellers do business. It was during this process that GemLightbox was formed and created.

The Solution, GemLightbox

“Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away”
Antoine de Saint

GemLightbox is a revolutionary product. We have condensed decades of jewellery photography knowledge all into one box.
There is no need for training, fancy green, yellow, blue lights that flash.
The setup has been perfected for jewellery products.
We have taken away all the useless time consuming training videos, different light temperatures, reflectors, materials, cameras and lens so you can focus on what you do best.

Our simple 3 step process creates studio quality jewellery images:

  1. Plug in power
  2. Place smartphone on stand
  3. Snap for perfection

The science is partially dependant upon the camera you are using but more importantly how your jewellery lighting system is setup.

GemLightbox eliminates all unwanted reflections and places beautiful reflections on metals to ensure your items are in focus and realistic.
Shooting jewellery is like shooting an image of a mirror, no matter what you do the piece will reflect it surroundings. GemLightbox has created the ideal environment for the piece to be taken.

The journey: Is this your story?

  1. The smell of impending frustration kicks in the moment you start thinking that DSLR can alter your poor quality photos. Most jewellers often take a trip to the store and buy a mid-rangle DSLR camera while unknowingly setting themselves up for frustration. As soon as they get their hands on it, they go back to their work station and continue wasting hours playing around with the new camera only to be stuck with just two to three usable features and functions. Disappointed, they put the camera down for two to three weeks before revisiting it.
    If DSLR could produce astounding jewellery images, jewellers, especially online sellers would have definitely clicked their way through burgeoning sales but this was not the case. Revisiting their DSLR camera after weeks of disappointment often results to another heartbreak.
  2. Feeling hopeless, they decide to take a trip back to the store and ask for assistance. The camera store guy is a savvy salesman who ends up selling them a more expensive lens. Again, they go back to the office and try on the new lens as more coloured gems await to be photographed. The outcome triggers another frustration because although the photos are slighty better, achieving consistent results is a challenge.
    The realisation of spending more money for unsatisfactory purchase would have to be ignored at first as high quality photos will provide potential clients with a perfect visual experience. Hence, the journey continues, this time with twice the effort and photography techniques. You think there is no more reason to fail, right? Wrong.
  3. Some would think that the more they invest in expensive photography materials, the more guaranteed the results will be. In reality, this is bad for business. One jeweller we have talked to was very honest when she told her exact same story. After trying the power of mid-range DSLR and other techniques, they decide to go the full mile and invest in photography setups, image stacking,  and advanced lighting equipment.Indeed, the results are noticeable as photos began to appear vibrant and emotive; however, producing such results and repeating it every photoshoot has become a tedious job. Suddenly, jewellery photography has become a chore with most of their time being consumed by setting up of equipment, detailed cleaning, and shooting the same product multiple times. The process doesn’t even end here. After spending seemingly endless hours finding the right angle to capture the jewellery’s intricate details, they now have to load it back onto the computer and select the best shot they could have possibly taken. Before they knew it, they have already lost an average time of 30 to 45 minutes photographing only one image.  It’s a productivity gone down the drain.
  4. With so many aspects of the business needing attention, spending almost 45 minutes photographing one image is a tremendous waste of hard work. These jewellers, often ending up defeated, find themselves resorting to hiring professional photographers who can provide them with jewellery images that sell and communicate their brand’s true story. Apparently, with the expense they have to pay, jewellers can only afford to use professional experts for select items that require high resolution presentation. For all other jewellery items, they are stuck with their smartphone. Considering the amount of money they have lost investing in unnecessary photography equipment, this route isn’t clearly the best route for jewellery traders.
  5. Exhausting all sources and efforts, they attend a jewellery fair and various trade events in the industry. The overwhelming tools, equipment, and jewellery pieces resuscitate their dying hope. While at it, they purchase a jewellery lightbox that is becoming a trend in jewellery photography. Apparently, the amateuristic lightbox claimed to be a portable setup for jewellery but its design and craftsmanship failed to deliver.Disappointment forms once again; however, not all hopes are lost…
  6. DRUMROLL. GemLightBox.