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If you’re a jeweler, GemLightbox was made for you. Our mobile app and website allow you to create studio quality images and videos and connect thousands of jewelers from around the world. Join GemLightbox today!

Capture studio-quality jewelry images & videos with your smartphone

360 video 1
360 video (no retouching)

Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox

360 video 2
360 video (no retouching)

Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox

360 video 3
360 video (no retouching)

Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox

Instantly connect with your customers

Share your images and videos with your customers directly onto Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram and other chatting applications

More features to enjoy

Create clean white backgrounds
Adjust white balance
Custom filters for all your jewelry types
Get the perfect color
Get the perfect video speed
Choose between different video angles

Studio quality images and videos at your fingertips

How to use GemLightbox App

How to use GemLightbox?
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How to setup your GemLightbox Turntable?
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How to setup your GemLightbox Aerial?
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What people say

  • Ellie
    Jan 1, 1970

    A must-have photography platform. The app has become an important part of our marketing.

  • Aakash
    Jul 4, 2020

    Money well spent. The lights are neat and the lightbox is sturdy. We've been receiving compliments of our photos and making more sales!

  • Wai
    Jul 1, 2020

    A very useful table top studio box and amazing application.

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GemLightbox is available on Apple store, Google Play, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo store.

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Is the GemLightbox App free?

Absolutely, the camera application is forever free to use.

What's the difference between GemLightbox and other lightboxes?

GemLightbox is made just for jewelry photography and can capture 360 videos of any jewelry including necklaces and dangle earrings using just your smartphone.It has features built in to bring out beautiful sparkles, colors and reflections of your jewelry. Unlike other lightboxes on the market, the GemLightbox is specifically made for jewelry photography. Other solutions on the market are more general purpose and not necessarily suited for jewelry photography. Each LED inside the gemLightbox has been color calibrated to provide true color accuracy for jewelry and gemstone photography. With the GemLightbox, there’s no training required. Anyone in your office can pick up their smartphone and take beautiful jewelry images.

Can I share the images on social media?

GemLightbox Application has direct integration to your email, social media, and e-commerce platforms to sell your jewelry online.

What's the difference between GemLightbox and other lightboxes?

The features of the GemLightbox is designed just for jewelry photography:1. Sparkles is designed to bring out beautiful sparkles in your gemstones without changing its colors. This is perfect for social media where you want to create content that really stands out.2. Daylight is designed to simulate the effects of photographing jewelry in natural daylight. Daylight brings out the colors your customers want to see when capturing gems like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds at anytime of the day. The necklace stand is designed to capture hanging pieces and studs on a complete white background.3. The GemLightbox application has the ideal jewelry photography settings pre-configured. It also has its own standalone jewelry gallery so the jewelry images and videos you take will always look consistent and beautiful.4. The reflector creates beautiful reflections on metals and gemstones. Instead of having to move lights around for hours, you can control the type of reflections you get by simply rotating the reflector vertically or horizontally.5. The GemLightbox Turntable creates beautiful 360 videos in just one click. The videos can then be uploaded directly to the web, social media, or sent to clients. GemLightbox Ariel creates beautiful 360 necklace videos in just one click. The videos can then be uploaded directly to the web, social media, or sent to clients.

What is included in the GemLightbox?

The GemLightbox photography kit comes with: Photography Table - a flat photography tabletop to place your jewelry on to capture Magnetic stand for the Photography Table - this magnetic stand is used to hold the photography table in place inside the GemLightbox.Necklace and earring stand - this stand is used to capture earrings and necklaces. For studs simply insert them into the holes on the stand. For necklace and drop earrings, simply place them on top of the stand and use the grooves to hold the jewelry in place.Smartphone stand - the smartphone stand is used to hold your smartphone steady when photographing your jewelry. The angle of the smartphone stand is adjustable depending on the type of smartphone you will be using for your jewelry photography.Adaptor with international parts - the power adaptor comes with international parts. Simply connect the part that is suitable for your country and you are ready to go.GemLightbox Turntable - to create 360 videos of your jewelryGemLightbox Aeriel - to create 360 videos of your necklaces

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