No retouching, Peach ring

Equipment - GemLightbox Turntable
Retouching style - Not retouched
Jewelry type - Rings
Camera - Smartphone
Photo or video - Video

Step 1. Place your jewelry inside the GemLightbox

Position your jewelry piece in the center of theĀ Turntable


Step 2. Place the front reflector back on

The front reflector attaches magnetically to the GemLightbox for ease of use


Step 3. Tap to focus and adjust the brightness

Easily achieve a white background with theĀ GemLightbox Application


Step 4. Click to capture!

Simply click the red button to record


The results

Studio quality videos of your jewelry with a fraction of the effort

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Picup Media
No retouching, Red spinel
Shot on iPhone XS | GemLightbox
gold spider
No retouching, Gold spider
Shot on iPhone XS | GemLightbox
Picup Media
No retouching, Bicolor tourmaline
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus | GemLightbox
Picup Media
Retouched DSLR, Tri-tone diamond ring
Shot on Fuji XT-2 | GemLightbox
Picup Media
No retouching, Gemstone flower ring
Shot on iPhone 11 Pro | GemLightbox
Picup Media
No retouching, Painted gold cuff
Shot on iPhone XS | GemLightbox
Picup Media
No Retouching, White Background Orange Sapphire
Shot on iPhone 12 | GemLightbox Macro
360 video of green zircon captured using GemLightbox
No retouching, Green zircon
Shot on iPhone XS Max | GemLightbox