How to Photograph a Round Diamond on a Black Background

Jewelry type - Diamonds
Equipment - GemLightbox Macro
Retouching style - Not retouched
Camera - Smartphone
Photo or video - Video

The hallmark of timeless and classic engagement rings — a round diamond is so popular that it accounts for roughly 50% of diamonds purchased in the USA. But what makes this circular gem so eye-catching?

Get to know more about this irresistible charm and learn how to photograph a round diamond on a black background with the GemLightbox Macro in this another GemLightbox tutorial.

Read on!

The Classic Round Diamond

Also called the modern round brilliant cut, Marcel Tolkowsky developed the popular round diamond cut we are all familiar with today. His mathematical formula for cutting diamonds was 34.50% crown angle, 59.3% depth, and 53% table. Although this formula has been altered and perfected through time, the industry still sticks to Tolkowsky’s guide that brought us the first 58-facet round brilliant cut diamond in 1919.

These 58 critical facets are what make round cut diamonds highly coveted. More facets mean they can reflect light extraordinarily; thereby, creating those beautiful sparkles. For this reason, round cut diamonds are not only the most popular but also the priciest — it requires precision and skill because the dazzling fire and brilliance are reliant on precise geometrical formula.

Round diamonds are the most wearable diamond shape.

How to Photograph a Round Diamond on a Black Background

Now that you know what makes a round diamond sparkle, it’s time to market this timeless beauty through photographs and videos. In the age of social commerce and online retail, your diamond images should reflect what your gem is like in real life.

For this tutorial, we will photograph a 1.2ct E Color VVS2 Round Diamond using the GemLightbox and an iPhone 12. We will be using a black background as black not only creates contrast and adds drama to the image but also allows us to capture and show off its natural brilliance.

Let’s begin!


Step 1. Lift the GemLightbox Macro cover and power on.

How to Photograph a Round Diamond on a Black Background

First, connect the cord and power on the GemLightbox Macro. Then, lift the cover.


Step 2. Remove the reflector and insert the diamond disc.

remove the reflector of GemLightbox Macro and insert the diamond disc

Next, remove the reflector and insert the diamond disc.

The GemLightbox Macro comes with three (3) loose stone discs in three (3) different colors to match the size of your loose stones.

  • Small disc for stones under 1ct
  • Medium disc for 1-10ct
  • Large disc for 10ct and above

The discs come in white, grey, and black.

For this tutorial, we will use the medium, black disc.


Step 3. Place the diamond on the disc.

Place the diamond into the GemLightbox Macro

Then, place the diamond on the black disc inside the GemLightbox Macro. Ensure the diamond is centered, especially when capturing a 360 video; otherwise, the diamond will be carried farther away from the center of the turntable when it rotates.

The disc has a groove mark. Place the diamond right on the groove to ensure that it is right in the center.

Put back the reflector.


Step 4. Adjust the width and height using the adjuster.

Adjust the width and height using the adjuster

The height adjustment on the left and the depth adjustment on the right side of the box allow you to move the center point of the turntable so that you can capture the best angle of the diamond.

Adjust accordingly.


Step 5. Go to the GemLightbox App and tap on Eclipse filter.

Go to the GemLightbox app and Tap on Eclipse filter

Once your diamond and your phone are positioned properly, go to the GemLightbox app and tap on the ‘Eclipse’ filter. Additionally, you may adjust brightness as desired.

The GemLightbox app is available to download on both the iOS app store and the Google Play Store.


Step 6. Click to capture.

Click to capture

Finally, when you’re ready, click to capture!

If you’re shooting a 360 video, the recording will stop automatically. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ to save your image and video to the GemLightbox gallery. From the gallery, you can immediately post your visual assets to your social media accounts or send them directly to your clients via email.

There is no photo retouching required. You’ll get flawless black background diamond photos and videos in one click!

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