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Smartphone Photography: Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of Jewelry

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Jewelry Photography: From Smartphone Image to E-Commerce Ready

Welcome! We have revolutionized the way jewelers take photos forever by incorporating the power of smartphone photography.

According to several studies, more than 65 percent of online shoppers put more weight on the quality of the product image more than the customer’s review and product description. These studies communicate that product photography is the most critical aspect of any e-commerce business.

In fact, the difference between top online retailers and those that barely make sales may be pinpointed just by looking at their listings. E-commerce business, particularly online jewelers, can reverse their lackluster and plummeting sales by paying attention to the effectiveness of product images.

A picture is worth more than a thousand sales. Time and again, we see jewelers rummage for photography equipment and camera supplies that are expected to bring this sales figure into reality. With reluctance, online jewelers quickly dive into big-ticket purchases whilst not fully realizing that outrageously expensive cameras do not automatically equate to studio-quality jewelry images. Now, your money is gone and you’re stuck with the same old problem: jewelry images that do not sell. What a painful experience!

Now what?

No need for big DSLR cameras.

No more light tents that get dusty after a week.

Say goodbye to tedious photography sessions. No more capturing multiple camera shots on your Digital SLR, then transferring it to your PC, and picking the right image.

GemLightox has heard all your woes and is out to end it in three simple steps!

The Advent of E-Commerce Ready Smartphone Photography

What you need:

1. GemLightbox
2. A Smartphone of your choice
3. Your jewelry

gemlight smartphone jewelry lightbox

Step 1: Photography: GemLightbox

For this ring, we used our very own GemLightbox and an iPhone 6 for photography.

GemLightbox was designed for any jeweler to capture studio-quality jewelry images using nothing more than a smartphone. Its plug and play process tremendously reduces the amount of time you spend taking product photos, which gives you more opportunity to focus on other important aspects of your business.

The jewelry lightbox has been specifically designed for jewelry and smartphones. Smartphones appeared to be the most accessible device in achieving the quality you desire. After all, with more than 2 billion users worldwide and growing, who doesn’t know how to use a smartphone?!

If you’re one of those who barely make sales online, you’re one step closer to finding the oasis of sales in your currently barren e-commerce website without having to break the bank.

Your GemLightbox Studio-Quality Finish:

Beautiful metals!

Beautiful straight black lines followed by gradients that make the metals look shiny.

jewelry photography and jewelry photo retouching 3

Capture facets on all stones. GemLightbox uses special LED lights and reflectors that bring out the facets in the jewelry.

jewelry photography and jewelry photo retouching 2

GemLightbox thrives for its user-friendly design and a two-step process. First, place in your desired jewelry product; second, focus and capture. Its studio-quality results reveal how this device effectively targets very specific problems that all jewelers experience.

See how it works below. Click the image to watch the video.

Step 2: Send to Picup Media

jewelry photography lightbox and smartphone

For a more flawless finish, we offer a jewelry image editing service that will make your images glitter and shine. These include clipping onto white background and retouching for a guaranteed studio-quality that speaks for your brand.

Contact us or place an order directly via

Step 3: Showcase the power of smartphone photography by uploading your jewelry images to social media and e-commerce platforms.

Once you’re all set, get ready to entice your target online shoppers! Upload all jewelry images to various social media and e-commerce platforms to reach out to a large number of people. Let your images deliver results in improved branding, leads, and sales in such a speedy and cost-efficient process.

Studies show that 87% of all recorded engagement on Facebook comes from brands that included photos on their posts while tweets that included images earned more clicks, shares, and retweets.

Got Questions?

Do you have any questions about the GemLightbox and/or jewelry photo retouching services? Feel free to contact us here or submit your sample jewelry image here or click the link below for a free jewelry photo retouching trial.

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