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Jewelry Lightbox 101: Top 5 Things You Can Do with Your GemLightbox

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Two years since its launch, the GemLightbox has helped thousands of jewelers globally with its all-in-one jewelry photography solution. As a jewelry lightbox, the GemLightbox has ticked all the boxes that no other mass-market lightboxes have accomplished. It is easy, quick, and simple. There is nothing simpler than photographing and capturing 360 videos of your jewelry with one click on your smartphone, is there?

If you have not heard of the GemLightbox yet, stick around because in this post, we are going to discuss the top five (5) things you can do with GemLightbox. But first, let us take a brief look back at the smartphone photography trend, the jewelry e-commerce industry, and the business period that acted as a catalyst for the GemLightbox.

Jewelry Photography: A Comprehensive Guide for Jewelers

The Rise of Smartphone Photography

the rise of smartphone photography

There has always been a myth that expensive cameras mean good photos, but the rise of smartphone photography brought about by fast-developing smartphones means it need not always be the case. In fact, the myth can rest.

Smartphones have indeed come a long way since the birth of the first camera phone in 2000.  From 2-megapixel to the prospect of a 200–megapixel camera phone and AI-assisted features such as image tracking automation and image stabilization, we can say that smartphones can rival standalone cameras in the market today. In fact, unless you’re a professional photographer whose bread and butter is events photography, you can say that smartphone cameras can replace your expensive DSLRs. After all, your goal as a jeweler is not solely centered on capturing studio-quality photos and videos but also on receiving additional advantages such as time and cost efficiency, flexibility, and control, that is, the ability to take your own product photos with scanty technical knowledge.

So you wonder, can smartphone cameras take studio-quality jewelry photos and videos without wasting so much of your time in editing?

We will get back to this.

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