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5 Creative Ideas to Spruce Up Your Jewelry E-Commerce Product Page

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How far can you go to improve your jewelry e-commerce product visualization?

The best retailers don’t really differentiate physical from digital shopping. They need to offer whatever experience and convenience the shopper demands, when they demand it.”

Ed Nardoza, Women’s Wear Daily

Willy Kruh of KPMG International states that the future growth of e-commerce will be driven by millennials. This group of shoppers demands richer and meaningful experiences and convenience as they can now shop anytime, anywhere even from those retailers who don’t have physical stores.  The line between physical and digital shopping was also blurred as shoppers are said to compare prices, quality, and product descriptions with your competitors while shopping in-store. This shift in behavior has challenged the way retailers – brick and mortar, omnichannel, e-retail – craft customers’ shopping experience.

Customer experience and technology – imagine what these two can do if they become your business priority. With the growing power of customers, they now have more influence on what other customers buy and where to buy. As they continue to demand a personalized experience and the ability to shape the products they consume, how do you close the gap between customer expectations and your ability to meet those expectations? How do you win over this so-called golden age of fickle consumer?

So, you’ve managed to take high-quality jewelry product images. You’ve mastered the notoriously tricky jewelry photography process. But while this can entice your target customers to visit your page to check your brand and examine the product more closely, how do you think will it fare against your rivals’ experience-driven jewelry e-commerce page as enhanced by technology?

It’s time to step up your retail game!

Here are five creative ideas you can incorporate into your jewelry eCommerce product page so that you can increase your browser-to-buyer conversion rate.

Five Creative Ideas to Spruce Up Your Jewelry E-Commerce Product Page

1. Offer a full ready-to-wear look

If you’re into fashion and jewelry, this idea applies to you. It’s your chance to expand your business and rake in sales by simply considering a woman’s entire world through a full ready-to-wear look presentation. if a woman visits your eCommerce page to look for a jewelry piece, she’d probably find what she wanted, but she’d ask herself, ‘what can I wear with this piece?’ or “what looks good with it?” When you give an opportunity for this thought to enter her head, there’s a big chance that she’ll browse away from your page with an empty cart. As a solution and if fashion is your thing, you can present a set of outfit that can be bought with the jewelry piece.

Rebecca de Ravenel, as a woman with a passion for fashion and unique jewelry pieces, understood this predicament. She offers a full ready-made look by allowing customers to shop by look or by products. Customers who shop by look can buy a pair of earrings or other pieces of jewelry together with the clothes modeled based on the look customers have chosen (see image above). As such, her jewelry collection is a big hit to women who dress around their jewelry.

There’s always a workaround if you’re not into fashion. You can just hire people or friends to model your jewelry – showcasing a full ready-made look to give shoppers an inspiration on what outfit could go well with your pieces.

2. Increase your jewelry’s visual power by using GIFs

5 creative ideas to spruce up your jewelry e-commerce product page
The GemLightbox uses GIFs to showcase what its product can do to your jewelry images

According to Cisco Systems Inc report, more than 84% of this year’s communication will be visual. It’s not a surprise that brands begin to incorporate GIFs into their websites and other marketing communication efforts. GIFs are a creative way of demonstrating your jewelry pieces in action. It’s informative and doesn’t annoy customers with sometimes-unwanted sounds.

“If an average GIF contains sixty frames then they’re capable of conveying 60,000 words – the same as the average novel.”

–Alex Chung, CEO Giphy

Indeed, if a picture paints a thousand words and images are worth a thousand sales, imagine what a powerful, informative GIF can do to your business. They say jewelry purchases are always emotional. For shoppers to purchase your products, you must be able to establish an emotional connection between the two. This emotional connection may be difficult to build using only static images. As Chung analyzed, photographs convey nouns, but GIFs add verbs to it. In short, you must use static images to let your customers know that you’re selling jewelry, but you have to have GIFs to show that your pieces can make them feel special and beautiful or whatever benefits that can be derived from it.

Check out Jet Set Candy jewelry to see how they successfully incorporated GIFs into their web design. It’s fun, interesting, and will surely make every shopper smile.

5 creative ideas to spruce up your jewelry e-commerce product page
Source: Jet Set Candy

3. Allow a 360-degree product view and customization

Allow a 360-degree product view and customization
Source: James Allen

How can a customer say no to a jewelry website that allows customization and an automatic 360-degree product view? Websites like James Allen, as shown above, will win the hearts of jewelry connoisseurs as it makes everything easy for the customers – an element that helps instill confidence and trust through a screen. It’s an unquestionable way of providing personalized service and experience-driven digital shopping.

As we mentioned in the previous post, personalization and 360-degree product images are two of the hottest eCommerce trends this 2018. In fact, showcasing your product in a 360-degree view is said to increase the conversion rate to 30% as proven by other businesses that have already adopted the trend. It makes the customers feel like they’re holding the product; hence, bridging the gap between physical and digital shopping.

The video below was captured using a smartphone and the GemLightbox – a plug-and-play jewelry photography set up with spin capability.

Diamond rings photographed using the GemLightbox

4. Use interactive images coupled with the thoughtful art of hint-giving

5 creative ideas to spruce up your jewelry e-commerce product page
 Source: Tiffany & Co.

Who likes flat images more than interactive ones? Nobody. To make your target customers linger on your page, you have to offer them an element that will pique their interest. This can be done by presenting interactive images, which can make them feel like they’re experiencing the product on their hands. Tiffany & Co. assures their customers of an immersive product experience by letting them drag the handle to rotate the jewelry. For instance, in the image above, you can drag and rotate to see the backside of the pendant.

A Drop a Hint widget is another distinction of an interactive jewelry page. It enables passive customers, who wish to own the piece, to elegantly and gracefully drop a hint to their loved one or anyone they know without leaving your page. While making this process easy for your customers, Drop a Hint can add a bit of accuracy to your marketing efforts as it captures the receiver’s email address and gives you an in-depth look into what shoppers like or wish for.

5. Let shoppers virtually try on your pieces

5 creative ideas to spruce up your jewelry e-commerce product page
Source: Diamond Hedge

Some luxury brands and eCommerce platforms like Diamond Hedge have started to capitalize on Augmented Reality (AR) by adopting a virtual try-on feature, which allows shoppers to try on a variety of jewelry pieces from their smartphones. Diamond Hedge’s AR app will function by using the shopper’s camera phone to track the base of her finger and virtually put a ring on it. It’s no secret that customers’ inability to try on their desired product is one of the major drawbacks in online shopping. This AR development appears to be an ideal solution to the challenge that keeps plaguing the jewelry eCommerce industry.

Other jewelry brands that use a virtual try-on feature or application are Hamilton, CaratLane, and Blue Nile among many others. If you have the resources, you must explore this element and see how it can bring up your conversion rate. But one thing is for sure; it offers a personal and rich digital shopping experience that will distinguish you from other plain jewelry e-commerce sites.

Creating an experience-driven digital shopping requires web development, but other ideas can easily be implemented by you or your team. Either way, it shows that combining customer experience and technology is an innovative process that will make your target shoppers fall in love with your jewelry pieces.

Which of these ideas have you adopted already? Feel free to share and comment below!

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