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Integrate your gallery into our Cloud Library

Picup Media cloud library allows you to sync your GemLightbox gallery directly into our Cloud library making it simple to share, integrate and sell.

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What is Picup Media Cloud?

Picup Media Cloud library was designed based on user demand from the GemLightbox. Our users wanted an integrated solution to sync their images from the app directly into a cloud solution.

Picup Media

Generate 360 degree draggable videos

Turn all your videos into interactive videos

Picup Media

Sync directly from GemLightbox App

Seamless integration with GemLightbox

Picup Media

Super FAST servers

Super quick loading draggable videos

camera settings

Subaccount support

Add multiple users to sync your gallery with

Designed with Jewelers in mind

Picup Media

Whatsapp Friendly

Picup Media

Integrate into your website

Picup Media

Sell online

Receive updates

Picup Media

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