Picup Media and UBM Partnership at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

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Just one year ago in September, a small team from Australia set foot in the world’s largest jewelry show. This behemoth is known as the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair and is hosted by the multinational corporation UBM. There was nothing that the team could expect from their very first debut on the international stage.

september hong kong 2018 picup media booth
september hong kong 2018 picup media booth

Picup Media at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair September 2018

picup media busy booth hong kong september
picup media busy booth hong kong september

A busy booth!

september hong kong show picup media 2017
september hong kong show picup media 2017

Picup Media at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair September 2017

And who could’ve known?

Fast forward one year, the same, small team sat down in UBM’s headquarters in Hong Kong to discuss an exciting new partnership.

Picup Media had partnered up with UBM as their official jewelry photographers to bring both attendees and exhibitors an exciting new experience. For the first time ever, jewelers were able to capture 360 live videos of their jewelry using just their smartphones. The videos were then made available immediately after recording for the jeweler to directly upload onto their social media platforms and send to their customers. This had been an experience that no other jewelry show had ever offered.

The free jewelry photography and video service coincided with Picup Media’s launch of their long-anticipated smartphone jewelry turntable. The launch comes after 12 months of rigorous research, development and testing to create the simplest way to take jewelry videos.

The turntable solution functions by connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth and the GemLightbox application. Users are then able to shoot perfect 360 white background videos by simply pressing the record button.

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Prior to the show, Picup Media received an overwhelming response from hundreds of exhibitors with the first two days of the AWE and all five days of the HKCEC show fully booked out for the free jewelry photography service.

UBM had made ample preparations beforehand with a custom GemLightbox cart to deliver the unique experience.

On day 1 of the AWE show, the Picup Media team excitedly arrived earlier at the venue’s press office to quickly brief with UBM about how they would be shooting hundreds of different items from hundreds of different exhibitors for the next 7 days.

When the clock hit 10:30 am, Picup Media and UBM excitedly brought the GemLightbox down to Hall 9 at the Fine Gem Pavilion for the very first bookings.

The GemLightbox cart ready to enter Hall 9 at the start of the AWE show
The GemLightbox cart ready to enter Hall 9 at the start of the AWE show

The GemLightbox cart ready to enter Hall 9 at the start of the AWE show

GemLightbox Cart Fine Gem Pavilion Hong Kong
GemLightbox Cart Fine Gem Pavilion Hong Kong

GemLightbox cart at the Fine Gem Pavilion

It was amazing to see the exhibitors bombarding the team with so many pieces of loose gemstones to photograph and take videos of. It came to a realisation to the Picup Media team very early on during the exhibition that they had to set a limit to three pieces per exhibitor in order to fulfil the booking schedule.

Below are some highlights of the for day 1.

For day 2 of the AWE show, Picup Media visited the booths that had secured a booking. There were a great variety of loose diamond and gemstone sellers with many great pieces. Check out some of the highlights from day 2.

For the duration HKCEC show, the Picup Media team traversed across all five floors of the HKCEC to visit the exhibitors. As expected, the free jewelry photography service was equally successful with many exhibitors amazed with the results. What wasn’t expected were the number of curious attendees observing how an exhibitors inventory was so easily photographed. The Picup Media team were running behind schedule at times just to answer the questions asked by the many visitors, having to squeeze past them at times just to make the next appointment.

Fortunately, attendees would have the chance to shoot images and videos of their own jewelry at Picup Media’s booth located on level 5. Picup Media had set up 6 jewelry photography and video stations and doubled their booth capacity at this year’s show, however, they still found that there were not enough available for use! It was complete madness with huge crowds surrounding the booth at times as seen in the video below.

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Overall, UBM managed to pull off a world class jewelry event despite a level 10 typhoon that caused the HKCEC show to cancel on day 3. A world-class event requires world-class services and Picup Media is very thankful to UBM for the opportunity to provide and deliver such a service at the shows.

Given the popularity of the free jewelry photography, Picup Media invites the exhibitors who did not get a chance to secure their booking at the shows to visit them at the next show. Keep an eye out on the Picup Media social media channels when they release information for their schedule!

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Watch the full video below for our highlights with UBM and the exhibitors at the show.

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