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Jewelry Photography Setup for a Group Shot of Rings

jewelry photography setup tutorial - a group shot of rings using the gemlightbox and a smartphone
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As an online jewelry retailer, it’s always a must to have tricks up your sleeve to stand out from the cut-throat competition in eCommerce. The adoption of unique and creative jewelry photography setup ideas is one of those tricks that can shape your buyers’ shopping experience. Every well-thought and superbly-captured jewelry image is an opportunity to show the uniqueness and quality of your brand. It guides your buyers towards a painless buying decision, which can eventually skyrocket your sales and enhance your brand identity.

In this jewelry photography tutorial featuring the GemLightbox, we’re going to show you one jewelry photography setup – a group shot – that can further attract new and repeat buyers. A group shot is one of the seven essential types of product photos to present on your ecommerce page. It is a photograph where jewelry pieces are photographed together in one photo. Let’s make it clear; an individual shot of each jewelry piece is very important, but you should not overlook the advantages of other types of product photos. For instance, a group shot is an ideal photography setup if you have a jewelry item that’s available in different designs. It’s a straightforward way of telling your potential buyers, especially passive ones, that they can avail such that piece in different colored stones or designs. If you’re feeling creative, you’ll find that group shots are also social-media-ready.

Did you know that with the right jewelry photography equipment, you can take as many group shots as you can without feeling as if you’re pouring money down the drain? We’ve simplified the process to let you take as many shots as you can in the shortest amount of time. Here it is!

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Jewelry Photography Setup: How to Take a Group Shot of Different Ring Pieces Using the GemLightbox

We need the following devices for this jewelry photography setup tutorial:

1. The GemLightbox

2. iPhone 7+ (you can use any smartphone device or SLR)

3. Rings

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Step #1:

Remove the reflector front cover of the GemLightbox.

jewelry photography setup - taking a group shot of your rings

Step #2:

Put all the rings in the GemLightbox. Arrange all your pieces as you like. You can experiment with different components and go for the one that’s aesthetically pleasing for you and your buyers. For this shot, we decided to do an overlapping position by placing one ring on top of the other to give it some depth.

jewelry photography setup - put the rings inside the gemlightbox

jewelry photography setup

Step #3:

Put back the reflector cover and get ready to capture.

jewelry photography setup tutorial - put back the reflector cover of the gemlightbox

Step #4:

Now zoom in, so you get to capture a seamless white background – one without visible borders – and then, tap to focus. Don’t forget to adjust the brightness by sliding up or down the screen until you get the result you want. As we’ve mentioned in the previous tutorials, always wipe your camera lens to ensure there’s no dirt left on the surface. Forgetting to do so may risk the quality of the image.

jewelry photography setup tutorial - zoom in and tap to focus

jewelry photography setup tutorial - zoom in and tap to focus

jewelry photography setup tutorial - zoom in and tap to focus

Step #5:

And finally, click to capture. Just like that, you’ll get a studio-quality jewelry image.

jewelry photography setup tutorial - click to capture a group shot of your rings


The final group shot of your rings should look like this. Take note that no retouching was done to the final image. It’s straight from your camera phone but all ready for your eCommerce page or social media pages.

photographing a stack of rings

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