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We’re looking for influential jewelers to become part of the GemLightbox™ family as a brand ambassador.
If you share our passion for jewelry and gemstone photography, have the same love for our products as we do and are willing to passionately engage in promoting the GemLightbox™ brand online and through your local communities – then we want to hear from you!
Must own a GemLightbox and taken over 1000 images and videos personally.

Responsibilities of a GemLightbox™ Ambassador.

As an ambassador it is important that you are knowledgeable about the GemLightbox™ brand and are able to share details of our products and their benefits with your audience. Ambassadors must actively participate in promoting the GemLightbox™ brand online and through your community, generating content on social media platforms.


Benefits of being an ambassador.

Benefits of being an ambassador.
As a GemLightbox™ Ambassador we will provide you with all the essential tools for promoting the GemLightbox™ brand to your audience, including access to all our products including unreleased products still in the beta stage.

1. You will also have an incredible earning potential through your very own exclusive discount code that you can share via social media, with friends, family & your local community.

2. You’ll earn a percentage of total purchases made using your discount code for as long as you remain a GemLightbox™ Ambassador.
You’ll be invited to beta releases and have direct access to our support team

3. Your Jewelry business will be promoted by GemLightbox and Picup Media

4. Access to our private jeweler ambassador network where you will meet other digital jewelers to learn and share knowledge


How do I become a GemLightbox™ Ambassador?

We select our ambassadors based on interests, enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and virtually. Your responsibility as an ambassador is simple: to passionately & actively represent the brands identity as the leading GemLightbox training aid supplier. 


To submit your interest in becoming an ambassador, please fill out the form below. 

Due to the high volume of interest only successful applicants will be contacted. Please ensure you provide as much information as possible when submitting your interest.


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