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Top 5 hacks on jewelry photography

Learn how maximise jewelry photography using your smartphone

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1. Learn to capture what your customers want to see
2. Learn to capture Jewelry videos
3. Learn to capture jewelry images on different backgrounds.

Enhancing your photos

We will provide resources on how you can enhance your photos to perfection.

No Investment Needed

If you’re reading this, we assume you already have a smartphone. You will not need anything other than your smartphone.

Images are important

Over 85% of online sales are lost due to poor images – Your images are a reflection of your business and brand. Poor quality images don’t give lasting impressions to your customers.

Learn about lighting

We will discuss the differences in natural daylight and using soft light.

Lightning Fast

Capturing images using the smartphone camera is undoubtedly the fastest way to do your photography.

Learn about different backgrounds

We will reveal what different backgrounds can do for your jewelry. Certain backgrounds bring out certain pieces of jewelry. It’s always good to A/B test it.

We’ve done all the grunt work researching the best practices for smartphone jewelry photography to share with the wider jewelry community such as yourself!

Forget about DSLR cameras. Our comprehensive smartphone photography guide will prove that the possibility of increasing sales through high-resolution jewelry images is right at your fingertips!

If you have not heard about the persuasive power of phonetography yet, you must be living under a rock. Phonetography, a term coined to define photography using your smartphones, carries with it undiscovered potential that could save you from your early market exit.

Apparently, some sellers might probably be considering breaking the bank just to get their hands on those big-ticket cameras. While DSLR undeniably fulfills its promise of high resolution product images, smartphones can also definitely wow you with its user-friendly and convenient ways of producing amazing jewelry images. In this e-guide, you will get to learn cost-effective jewelry photography — one that can capture your buyers’ attention.

Thank you for writing such an amazing and easily digestable eBook, its very handy and I’ve printed out a hard copy to share with my team

Rachel Decker

L.S Jewelry Company

Simply fill in the form below to download the eBook FREE!