Never underestimate the selling power of white background images.

Whether you are building a web page, creating sales in the products you sell, or just want to increase the social presence in the online world, every photo that comes into existence during the build-up really makes a great difference. Clean, white background images have a very important purpose. Although not many of the individuals know, this type of background can very well set the tone of your photo.

Clean, white background images can attract the curious eyes of every person. It is always the design or the object in the photo that matters the most. Thus, the object of your photo will be given more emphasis and focus that will attract and entice the curiosity of those who can see it even from the distance. It also gives more concentration into the object being portrayed in the photo.

There will always be the presence of a positive response towards a clean, white background. Some say that first impressions last or it can never be given a second chance. Whether you believe in it or not, most people find interest in products that can catch their attention or create an instant good impression. Using a clean white background to your photo will not only attract the eyes of the viewers, it can also create a relaxing and amazing visual effect. Additionally, a white background can create a sophisticated, elegant, and professional impact on the photo.

Before and after jewelry image retouching using a white background image

Apart from the visually appealing results contributed by the background, it can also increase your sales and social presence because the customers would definitely be amazed by the beautiful products since it was given emphasis, focus, and has captured their interest. The right background can ensure that your product is the first thing that your viewers will look into. The clean white background images will surely enhance the quality of your product and set its own scene through the eyes of the viewers.

All of these can be achieved through our help. We specialize in giving your photo the perfect touch that will definitely increase your sales. Photo editing is among the biggest obstacles in the business industry and is one of the reasons why your sales are not increasing. Scientific studies say that individuals can recall 80% of the things they see and only 30% of the things they read. So the right application of the background in the photos of the products being presented is one of the key factors in business communication and increasing your sales.

Statistics also ensures us that there is an average of 39% increase in sales because of the right background in your product photos. With PicUp Media, it will only cost you $5 per photo. It’s only a small investment which can guarantee that you will be able to generate income for your business because the photos will capture the attention and interest of every viewer. A superb, clean, white background image will absolutely captivate every viewer.