A detailed how to guide on maximising sales by improving your jewelry descriptions

Writing a jewelry product description should not be neglected by online jewelry retailers. This is as important as any other business activities in jewelry selling; however, it is also one of the most commonly neglected. In this post, PicUp Media will provide you with the most effective jewelry product description writing techniques to pique your customers’ interest.

When it comes to convenient shopping, online selling responds to the demands of the customers in the most appropriate way. It provides major comfort while shoppers get to relish the diversity of products available on the internet. Nowadays, there is nothing that you cannot find online. Even exquisite jewelry retailers have found a profitable advantage in the power of digital technology. Consumers have picked up this answered-prayer convenience so quickly that online shopping becomes a revolutionised trend.

With e-commerce reshaping the shopping behaviours of most consumers, competition rises. How many jewelry stores can you find online these days? There are thousands or perhaps millions of them. These numbers keep increasing as more and more people leave traditional jewelers and traipse their way along the growing trend of online shopping. This has posed a greater challenge to online jewelers. How do you convert viewers into buyers by simply looking at your jewelry images? These tips should double your revenue.

In writing a jewelry product description, make your buyers fall in love with connotative adjectives

More often than not, online jewelry retailers tend to underestimate the power of words. However, in reality, it is one of rare gems you have in maximising profitability. Jewelry is one of the products that demand connotative adjectives or those descriptive languages that elicit emotions from potential buyers. When online jewelry retailers post their jewelry images, they should aim not only for accurate descriptions but more importantly, they should also use descriptive words for jewelry – the ones that would make buyers click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Replace the word beautiful with adjectives such as luxurious, vintage-inspired, shimmering, whimsical, fashion-forward, eye-catching, or expensive-looking. These offer vivid descriptions that definitely tickle the emotions of people. Choose the right adjective depending on the type of the jewelry that is being sold.

Win buyers by creating attention-grabbing jewelry image titles

Like news headlines, jewelry image titles hold the first step in scoring a possible sale. Always think of eye-catching phrases that will invite buyers to the site. Do not forget that SEO can do wonders, as well. Incorporate the most commonly searched keywords in the title so it will be easy for users to find the item. Not only will it most likely increase the revenue, it will also shoot up the page ranking of the website.

Sample Product Listing

Attention grabbing jewelry images titles

Engaging Title

Descriptive words for jewelry

Jewelry Description

Be informative and creative in writing jewelry descriptions

Create a jewelry product description that satisfies the buyers’ emotional and material needs

It may sound cliché but smart shoppers are always after the benefits they could get from buying a specific item. With these, it is highly important that online jewelry retailers integrate both emotional and material benefits that would transform potential purchases into sure sales. This is one of the characteristics of an effective jewelry image description.
Satisfying emotional and material needs can be attained through the following phrases: Be mesmerizing, feel attractive, exude sexiness, be a trendsetter, look radiant or perfect gift item for loved ones, and take advantage of discounts…

Know your jewelry

Because shoppers cannot physically check the item, online jewelry retailers should be as detailed as possible when writing jewelry descriptions. What materials are they made of? What stones or beads are used? Did you use toggle clasp or lobster claw? Are they scratch-resistant or rust-resistant? Give the size in millimetres and do not forget to answer all these questions as these will help buyers in their decision-making while guarding you from after-sale complaints such as purchasing item not as described.

Persuade potential buyers the same way you convince your friend

Writing an effective jewelry product description means easily engaging your viewers by talking to them the way you talk to your friend. Address them directly and inject a tone of warmth and friendliness, which will help establish likability and mutual trust. This means that knowing your target market matters as it will allow you to deliver a persuasive pitch.
Shopping for jewelry online could be a very confusing experience for customers for two reasons. First, because the chance to feel and touch the item on sale before buying it is not possible, and second, the options are almost limitless. This is where writing a good and effective jewelry product description comes in. It is the only trick that most online jewelry retailers should learn in order to outsmart competitors. It’s easy, so keep your creative juice flowing!

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