The best product photography requires proper lighting

Here are the most common jewelry photography mistakes that most online jewelry retailers experience and the proper steps to avoid and fix them.

1. Poor lighting and inconsistent white balance

One of the most common jewelry photography mistakes is incorrect lighting. Harsh lighting and contrasting white balance in all jewelry images only push your potential customers away. This inconsistency in lighting creates unprofessional look for your jewelry products, and as a result,  makes online shoppers switch quickly from your store front to competitors’.
The image on the left shows bad white balance, vice versa for the right hand side image.

How to Correct:

Do not underestimate the power of natural lighting. When you are photographing jewelry products in an indoor setting, outdoor environment, or even using the soft studio lighting, this technique creates a soft finish and gives metals and stones a more prominent appearance. It is also recommended to explore your camera settings to achieve the right kind of lighting that will enhance the details of your jewelry. For example, diffused lighting furnishes your product with a romantic vibe which is an ideal emotive depiction of jewelry images. On the other hand, side lighting helps showcasing the texture of your item. You can do white balance when photographing jewelry.
Tip: Take picture of grey card after you are happy with entire setup. some people take picture of grey card, move camera / light / subject, then take the photo – you don’t have the best white balance. You can also do white balance in Lightroom or Photoshop. When the R G B values are the same, that the point when you click on the image to get white balance.

White background product photography makes your product stands out compared to a busy background

2. Busy and distracting backgrounds

Overcreativity is also one of the challenges observed among those who committed the most common jewelry photography mistakes. If your jewelry product has to compete against the patterned background or the unnecessary and excessive use of props, you might be confusing your customers. This could eventually lead them to bounce away from your site.

How to Correct:

You will never go wrong with white background product photography. This absolutely ends your pursuit of clean and professional photography look while placing all the focus on your subject. Do not let your background rob your jewelry of its sparkle.

Ecommerce product photography involves lifestyle photography

3. Neglecting the critical role of lifestyle photography is also one of the many jewelry photography mistakes

‘Do you have photos of this jewelry on a model?’

If you have been consistently getting this type of message from customers, your jewelry photography is not doing its sales job. Get your camera and start fulfilling your product’s promise.

How to Correct:

Wear that stunning sapphire ring and take a compelling shot. Remember that your jewelry items, just like any products, have made a promise to your potential buyers. Whether it will make their lives easier or it will make them look more beautiful, this statement should be visible in the images. In the absence of physical touch, providing buyers with lifestyle photographs is another way to illustrate that promise as it gives them a sense of visualisation on how it will look on them when worn. Additionally, it also solves the long-standing issue on scale since it will give buyers an immediate idea on how big or small the jewelry is in real life.

Showcase your professional photography skills by ensuring that your products are clean before photographing

4. Untidy jewelry items

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend except when they are dusty! Nowadays, digital cameras do not only capture intricate details of your sparklers, it also highlights evidence of what a sloppy seller you are.

How to Correct:

Get rid of dusts and fingerprints before photographing to ensure that your jewelry is properly cleaned in all angles. Sometimes all you need is a pair of gloves, gem brush, and effective cleaning liquids to enhance the look of your product. Further, consider removing tags as it might block the feature of your jewelry. A product that is camera-ready saves you time on jewelry product image retouching.

Set up correct product photography lighting to avoid unwanted reflections

5. Capturing undesirable reflections also find its way to the list of jewelry photography mistakes

Jewelry items are prone to unattractive reflections due to its reflective materials. But while a shiny diamond engagement ring poses an alluring factor that is favoured by buyers, it could also create distractions that sellers may easily overlook.

How to Correct:

Don’t let things in your surroundings reflect on your jewelry. To avoid this, familiarise yourself with different lighting system, and when you’re ready, take photographs of your jewelry products in an enclosed lighting system. This will aid in bringing balanced lighting distribution around your area of focus.

Jewelry items are treated as investments. Don’t let your lack of professional photography skills depreciate its value. While it is always advantageous to seek help from expert jewelry product photo enhancers / retouchers who provide professional photo retouching services, building basic knowledge in jewelry photography gives you a leading position in every buyer’s decision making behaviour. Let your images charm online shoppers and watch your sales pull up!

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